Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day I


Grandpa Lampshade moves from Twitter to Radio Aryan to grace us with his thoughts for the day on various subjects of importance, starting with the presidential race.

Just a few months ago us we were told it was going to be a Bush or Hillary election, but not for any longer.

Grandpa does not believe the Democrats really want Hillary at all and they are showing this by voting for an old man.

They have not even had to go after Trump either, his own Republicans have done that for them.

But what real man is going to vote for the old witch, when she is the archetype of every man’s shrieking ex-wife?

The voters can see right through this charade and the more the cuckservatives attack Trump, the more support he gets.

People can see the truth in what he says, especially when he highlights what is happening in Europe.

“Who would have thought, all you had to do to conquer the White homelands was send in an army with no weapons?

Just get them to claim they are children regardless of their beards and it’s guaranteed to work.

Once they are inside the gates, we can always threaten to send more, if they dont pay us”

This is what we are standing against and we seem to now have a loose coalition at last.

The Alt-Right is taking everyone in, from the gamers who just want to be left alone, to the Alt-Reich.

It is a broad tent of people that has become the only resistance to the Marxist tyranny.

This loose confederation of shared interests has managed to concentrate all our fire upon our enemies and despite their vast media apparatus, once they have been hit by the truth they quickly wither away.

All they have are ad-hominems and insults in response, many of which have been used so many times that they now mean nothing.

There will be friction between our various groups, but we have to be self disciplined and concentrate only on our enemies on the Left.

Now is not the time for infighting and shooting at each other, it is the time for uniting in the defence of our people and anyone that can be of use to us, should be used by us and this includes Roosh and Trump.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day I

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  1. Topic- How to Red Pill your friends/family. We were all normies once. I even supported Israel once. What changed?
    ACTION ITEM. Create a video entitled "What woke me up." (or another vague title that will attract normies.)
    Include several short audio interviews - explaining what woke them up.
    A fantastic clip to include would be - Patricia Aikens interviews "History Reviewed Channel" - condense clip to include only the explanation of his red pill moment, and add a few more.
    For me- many things woke me- one thing in particular- I had been researching the Bill of Rights, and several times I noticed assaults on our Constitution by the SPLC. My friend said "Yeah, the SPLC and ADL are Jewish front groups."
    Also I had realized what an evil family the Rothschilds were. Eventually, I saw a coin commemorating the creation of Israel by the Rothschild family. And soon after, I realized that Communism was a Jewish creation.
    I can make an audio to add to the project.
    Each clip should be under 1 minute with the whole vid under 5 minutes to not discourage people from watching.
    Lets collect some other red-pill moments and do this!

  2. Is Islam Americas Greatest Threat?

    1. They promote “political correctness” and “multiculturalism” while discrimination and racism is the rule in their home country.

    2. They have erected racist political groups to influence congress and to smear those who fight for constitutional values.

    3. They make up phony stories feigning persecution in order to garner public sympathy.

    4. They undermine our 1st Amendment rights with “hate speech” legislation, to counter those that would expose their crimes.

    5. They consistently attack our 2nd Amendment right to self protection through firearms ownership.

    6. Their agents control the financial backing of both the Republican and Democrat parties.

    7. Although they make up a less than 3 percent of the population, their members command a much higher proportion of Congressional seats.

    8. Many of these zealots occupy key media and congressional positions and maintain dual citizenship with their home country.

    9. Many of these powerful racists have changed their names in order to deceive the public about their true ancestry.

    10. Their domination of Hollywood allows them to promote vile filth in order to undermine conservative values.

    11. Their almost total control of mainstream news allows them to manipulate the masses.

    12. They have infiltrated our banking institutions, which have forced the people to use debt based fiat currency, effectively enslaving us.

    13. They have infiltrated our churches and have convinced our clergy to abandon Christ’s teachings of love and forgiveness.

    14. They have attacked our country and then placed the blame on others in order to foment wars.

    15. They have forced the American people to buy bombs and weapons for their army and even to spill American blood in the name of their racist conquests.

    Muslims are not able to exert this kind of control over America.
    Only Zionism can.
    "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

  3. Questions for CUCservatives

    Our Constitution, which guarantees individual liberty, was written by…
    1. Muslims 2. Blacks 3. Mexicans 4. Caucasians

    Blacks and Hispanics tend to vote for…
    1. Politicians who protect the rights, liberty, and property of ALL Americans
    2. Politicians who steal from hard working Americans to give to those “less fortunate”.

    In which country would you prefer to live?
    1. Haiti 2. Iceland

    In which country would you prefer to live?
    1. Mexico 2 United States

    If America is flooded with Mexicans, it will become more like…
    1. Mexico 2. Tasmania

    If Mexicans are accustomed to a country where guns are outlawed, would they be…
    1. less in favor 2. more in favor
    …of banning guns in America?

    Most great inventions and works of art were created by…
    1. Muslims 2. Blacks 3. Mexicans 4. Caucasians

    Since 9-11-2001, most Arab countries are…
    1. peaceful and appreciative of Americas sacrifices.
    2. more violent, chaotic and distrustful of America.

    Which countries have been forced to accept the bulk of the Muslim refugees?
    1. Turkey 2.Saudi Arabia 3. Israel 4. The (formerly) Caucasian countries of Europe.

    Which country requires racial testing in order to immigrate there?
    1. America 2. France 3. Sweden 3. Israel

    Has Hollywood made a positive impact on American culture?
    1. Yes. 2. No

    Which race, by their own admission, dominates the movie and entertainment industry?
    1. Mexicans 2. Blacks 3. Muslims 4. Jews

    America and Europe are…
    1. prosperous and solvent. 2. saddled with astronomical debt.

    The banking systems of America and most European countries are dominated by whom?
    1. Mexicans 2. Blacks 3. Muslims 4. Jews

    Immigration in most European countries is controlled by…
    1. Australians 2. Peruvians 3. Chimpanzees 4. Jews

    U.S. Congressmen are…
    1. Very trustworthy.
    2. Lying weasels bent on the destruction of everything good about America.

    U.S. Congressmen most often share joint citizenship with what country?
    1. Afghanistan 2. Libya 3. Haiti 4. Israel.

    The financial backing of both the Republican and Democrat parties is controlled by…
    1. Muslims 2. Blacks 3. Mexicans 4. Jews

    What country ultimately benefits from the attacks on 9-11-2001?
    1. Iraq 2. Libya 3. America 4. Israel

    What was the nationality of the men caught driving vans filled with explosives on 9-11?
    1. Australia 2. Japan 3. Tasmania 4. Israel

    Which topic of discussion is outlawed in most European countries?
    1. The Jewish “Holocaust”
    2. The invasion of Europe by millions of Muslims
    3. Jewish power
    4. All of the above

    How many Jews died in German camps during World War II?
    1. Six Billion 2. Six Trillion 3. SixHundred,SixtySix Bazillion 4. ThreeHundred Thousand

    The Communist Bolshevik revolution in Russia, which resulted in the deaths of over 15 million Christians, was orchestrated by WHO?
    1. According to Vladimir Putin, over 85 % of the Bolshevik leadership was Jewish.