Christogenea Radio: Baltic Nationalism with Sven Longshanks


Some examples discussed during the program, of Jews whining about Latvians and Lithuanians who celebrate their national achievements:

From RT: Russia asks world parliaments to denounce SS veterans march in Latvia and Latvia’s Waffen-SS veterans march alongside far-right lawmakers

From the phony "Faith Matters" website, where faith only matters if it is anti-Christ and Jewish:Lithuanian neo-Nazi march celebrates Nazi collaborators

From the so-called "Defending History" website, which really only defends the lies of the Jews: Neo-Nazi & Fascist Marches and Images from the February 16th 2016 Neo-Nazi March in Kaunas, Lithuania

From Facebook, "Apartheid in Estonia", a Jewish page aimed at destroying the Estonian ethnicity (which is genocide, but nobody cares when the genocide is against Whites): Apartheid in Estonia

Presented by William Finck with Sven Longshanks

Christogenea Radio: Baltic Nationalism with Sven Longshanks

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