Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day–4th Generation Politics


Grandpa Lampshade delves into our current political strategies, in the context of 4th generation warfare waged against an enemy with superior capabilities and resources. So many on our side seem to think we are doing something wrong, because we are not marching in formation on the political landscape and charging to our deaths against a superior enemy. Well how do our tactics compare and are they effective? Can we not judge our effectiveness by how our enemies are reacting to us?

We then move on to the Cruz cult and the #nevertrump tag. What will Cruz's cult members do when he doesn't get on the Presidential ticket? Will they drink the poisoned Kool Aid? Will anyone care or will we just make funny memes about it?

You just know the frog cast had to hit on the Breitbart Alt-Right piece. Even though this has been out there for a while now, Grandpa Lampshade goes unplugged on this attempt to drive a wedge between the different factions of the Alt-Right by focusing in on our differences. We will continue trying to work with our allies, but we will also be requiring a little respect from them.

Finally we begin the new listeners questions segment by covering why people who once considered themselves of a Libertarian bent are turning right.

Lots of fun and serious commentary as well.

As always thanks to all for listening and thanks to those that make it possible. Panzer Vor!

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – 4th Generation Politics

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  1. Great discussion Grandpa. Wish you would go more into 4GW/4GP techniques ... beyond what you said at beginning of this podcast about "making enemy respond to you", etc. Let Sven know his work, as well as yours, is much appreciated!

  2. I echo the previous comments, "much appreciated!"

    Jon in New Jersey

  3. Another great show Grandpa. This is quickly becoming one of my "never miss" podcasts.

  4. I appreciate the feedback guys. Our 4/G political tactics are having an effect. I mean come on, we made Ben Shapiro produce a video featuring Le Happy Merchant. Our enemies are turning up their volume louder because fewer people are paying any attention to them. Good stuff.

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