The Daily Traditionalist: National Socialist Eugenics


Following on from yesterday’s birthday episode, Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks continue their discussion centred around the policies of the National Socialist State and how they benefitted the German people.

Matt starts by pointing out how superstores and franchises like Walmart, Tescos and MacDonalds were prevented from operating in Germany. The Jewish owners were required to sell the property back to the German State, for a reasonable price. The land and the property had been bought from the Germans by Jews, after the very same people had crashed the German economy.

The Jews were not persecuted by the National Socialist State, they were protected by them. The stars that they wore, were so that they could be identified for protection by the police, not to mark them out for attack. They also did not have their artworks stolen, the German heirlooms they had bought for pennies from starving Aryans were purchased back from them at the going rate. Even the famous Kristalnacht was not supported by the authorities and came at the worst possible time for the recovering economy.

Out of all the false cries of victimhood the holohoax has to be the biggest and Matt points out how the Jews always have to be the biggest victim, even to the point of covering up and minimising the atrocities that have happened to other races. In many of these atrocities the Jew has played the leading role of the attacker and not the victim, such as in the case of the Armenians, the Irish and the Ukrainians. The Jew has always been the revolutionary, trying to bring down the nations that he resides among.

Today he encourages a dysgenic program against our race, encouraging the least fit and capable to breed while denying the best of us a chance, but the National Socialists did the opposite. They encouraged the best to breed and checked to make sure that marriages would produce only fit and healthy children. The stories of executing the disabled are not true, those with genetic diseases were encouraged to be sterilised and those who had no quality of life at all, were able to ask for euthanasia, provided two doctors also agreed with the patient.

The Germans were trying to improve the hygiene of their race through the most humane ways possible and what could be wrong with that?

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: National Socialist Eugenics – DT 042116

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  1. Great show, guys. Third Reich Germany had many valid and just reasons to disenfranchise German Jews (of course, they don't agree), compensated them for it, and encouraged them to leave in a humane fashion, a country that belonged to ethnic Germans, who wanted to make Germany for Germans, unlike Zionist Jews who invaded Palestine, resorted to terrorism and murder to evict the indigenous Palestinians from THEIR VERY OWN LAND. Once the Zionist devils got a foot hold in Palestine, they instituted an Israel for Jews ONLY policy. When Jews do this they're glorified, when Germans do this--in a country that is their very own--they are vilified to no end and pure evil. I've never heard anyone make this point. Please keep this important point in mind and mention it next time the subject is discussed.

    As far as attractive Jewesses go, those women are more Jewish by religion rather than Jewish by race, thanks to the high percentage of Aryan genes in their DNA inherited from intermarriage with non-Jewish whites. Then, of course, there are more than a few 'beautiful' Jewesses who've had plastic surgery.

    Keep up the great work.