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Wednsday May 25th

9am EST/2pm BST
(Archive here) Don Black – Stormfront Radio LIVE – 2 hours – Not repeated
11am EST/4pm BST
(Archive here) Dr David Duke Show LIVE – 1 hour – Not repeated

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Part 1
12pm EDT/5pm BST
Download Sven Longshanks – Aryan Narrations – The Jews in Poland – 35 minutes
Download Harold Covington – Radio Free Northwest Archive – RFN 051012 – 30 minutes
Download Matt Johnson - The Orthodox Nationalist: Armenian History and Nationalism, Part II - TON 030311 – 50 minutes
Download Richard Spencer and Paul Kersey - White Washing – 051816 – 1 hour

Part 2
3pm EDT/8pm BST
Grandpa Lampshade – Thoughts of the Day
Download History Reviewed Channel - White Genocide- How Cops are Silenced – 2 hours 15 minutes

Part 1 and 2 repeated every 6 hours until 9am EDT/2pm BST tomorrow


  1. I'm listening to Keven MacDonald 'Grace and Steel Ep41' tell his Jewish interviewer that graphic artist Shitposters are the young and uneducated. Huh? To me, they've been the most educated, on history and current events. Watcha doin' Keven, sucking up?

    1. Yes, I am really amazed at the creative genius that we have among us. We have created an entire movement for ourselves, with its own look, music, videos, radio, everything and none of it from a corporate boardroom.

      I have heard Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor speak highly of us in other interviews, this one was from quite some months back. Perhaps his opinion has changed. I was unaware the interviewer was Jewish, I would not have put it on the schedule if I had known.

    2. I usually stop in, to see what's new and I didn't page down enough to see your reply to me. NO WORRIES. I'm still a big Keven MacDonald fan, yet, I thought it was important to point it out, perhaps to show we all make mistakes from time to time AND learn from those mistakes how to better 'troll' and debate. I know I have (hehe).