Truth Will Out Radio: The 4 Principle Goals of the NWO


Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt present another episode of Truth Will Out Radio starting with Part 2 of Schmitt’s presentation on Leon Degrelle.

This week we get an impression of what it must have been like for the German soldiers and their allies at the Eastern Front as Schmitt describes unimaginable suffering and hardships, including the horrible mutilation of a German soldier by the Bolsheviks while he was still alive. This is then contrasted with direct quotes about the beauty that Degrelle could still see in the Russian landscape, despite his freezing circumstances.

Soon after he was wounded for the first time he experienced what he later called " The Days of Hell" when he and his men were surrounded by Bolshevik forces of overwhelming numerical superiority and firepower. The narration of their desperate attempt to hold a small village against all odds from the enemy, then ends his presentation which will continue next week.

After that Dennis and Sven look at the four principle goals of the New World Order which are stated in his new promotional video, explaining exactly what is meant by them.

The first is to eradicate White Europe and Dennis explains how the plan to mongrelise the White race goes all the way back to Babylon and that every civilisation known to man was destroyed by the same forces. We know them as Jews today and they are the focal point for all that is impure, both biologically and spiritually and if they can get us to mongrelise, then we have no chance of providing a resistance to them.

The second is to eradicate Christianity by killing God. They did this once already and now they are back to do it again, trying to remove all mention of him from public discourse. Dennis explains why we need a supreme being to make the final decisions. If we do not have solid boundaries that cannot be crossed, there is nothing to prevent those of us who are psychopaths and traitors from overstepping them.

The third is to install a One World Government. This goes back to Babylon as well, which was the first multicultural empire. The enemy will use any means he can to achieve this, whether it is through encouraging the workers of the world to unite or through frightening environmentalists into forming international climate change coalitions. The real reason for these groups is to get every nation following the same anti-Christian laws, dictated by the same group of people. 

The final principle outlined is the One World Religion. This is Luciferianism but it is not about worshipping goat idols, but about putting man in the position of God and telling us that we can build a utopia on earth, through disobeying all the fundamental laws of nature. From sodomy to genetically modified organisms, it is all about being adversarial to the natural and divine law, which is satanic in the truest sense of the word.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise & Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: The 4 Principle Goals of the NWO – TWOR 070816

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  1. Interesting take on Luciferianism. I would agree except in good-hearted Luciferianism bringing Light into the world and replace original divinity with conjured magic tricks to let materialist leaders act as gods on Earth, is unthinkable. Light can be brought into the fallen matter but roles cannot be reversed. So material humans cannot be gods on Earth, cannot subjugate enlightening wisdom to rule matter and the material world. Doing so turns people into black magicians -- not in a Jewish Hollywood sense but in a Chaldeic or ancient Greek sense. Or in a Christian sense, I believe. What we see today is exactly the evils Mr. Wise descibes, a fakse mish-mash world religion that is meant to dazzle iits followers and praise the Master Race. The Talmud says goyim have no soul, or in some cases compound abominations resembling soul traits but from three evil regions. The Master Race reserves the true God for themselves which is only natural if they are the only beings with divine souls.The twisted political material religion is for soulless animals. Us. Politicians and world institutions should leave pseudo religion aside. They know nothing of divinity. Their only god is Greed.

    1. I think the Jews have a distorted reflection of the truth, kind of like looking in one of those funny mirrors at the fairground. The mirror shows the opposite anyway, but also in a distorted way.

      I believe only Whites have living souls, the rest either have worldly souls, or in the case of mongrels like the Jews no souls at all.

      How could a mongrel ever have any part of divine perfection within it? It is a corruption of what God created, it is one of the works of the devil.


  2. My take on that is that all people have souls. But since the jew religious politics dogma is to admit only souls with the Jews themselves and them denying all other people having souls I have no political option but to regard the jews as the soulless ones or having corrupted souls and heartless minds. Plato classed people into three classes, for conveniece: Lovers of wisdom, Lovers of honour and the lowest Lovers of gain. Alas, it goes without saying as to which of Plato's classes of people the Jews belong.