The Daily Traditionalist: Clinton and the Libertarians


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss Hillary Clinton’s health and the Libertarians. Dr Johnson brings up a previous election where a candidate was removed due to health issues. He believes Clinton is unelectable due to all the dead bodies associated with her and the polls must be rigged to be showing her ahead of Trump. A good metric for Trump’s support are the filled stadiums in the swing states, whereas Clinton had to use a limited camera angle as there was nobody there to support her at a recent appearance. Dr Johnson says the Democrats that he knows do not support her and preferred Bernie. Could the Democrats be thinking of replacing her?

The Democrats are trying to appeal to Libertarians, but Libertarians appears to have split into SJW’s on one side and supporters of Trump on the other. Gary Johnson wants open borders, people to be forced to serve those homosexuals and he supports TTIP. These can hardly be called classic Libertarian policies. Dr Johnson says he was never a Libertarian and if the state does get pushed out of the way, then other institutions just come forward to fill that role. He thinks Johnson does not appear comfortable with the role he has been given and thinks he may have been paid off and is saying things just to take votes away from Trump.

Trump was just endorsed by 88 generals and a lot of the military also appear to be supporting him. There is no way that America could win a war against Russia and the treaty organisation that they are a part of. The military has supported libertarianism in the past because it was against wars that were not in America’s interest but now that there is an alliance between the Republicans, the Democrats and Gary Johnson in favour of having a war, they have to throw their support behind Trump. None of America’s allies even have much of a military any more. There is no money, no morale, nothing backing up Hillary’s warmongering, whereas Russia and China have the money, the morale and they keep upgrading their weapons together.

In Chicago more Blacks have been killed by other Blacks in the last year than American military personnel have died in all the wars of the last decade. America’s cities have been taken over by these gangs and turned into fiefdoms, with Black gangs holding a truce among themselves in some areas in an alliance against all White people. There could be a civil conflict if Trump does get elected and Dr Johnson thinks the police will just melt away at first, but that once the bodies start piling up they would wake up to what is going on and start to fight back. It would initially be a complete defeat for our side, but would soon turn around and end in utter annihilation of the Black forces.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Clinton and the Libertarians – DT 090716

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