The Daily Traditionalist: On Location in Prague


Matthew Heimbach presents a special edition of The Daily Traditionalist on location in Prague, with co-hosts Sven Longshanks and Jez Turner from the London Forum.

Matt was supposed to be speaking at a multi-organisation protest, but due to one of the groups involved getting cold feet about his supposed ‘extremism’ he remained just a part of the audience instead. Jez and Sven give their impressions of the rally, taking note of the large PA system they were using which meant that the whole city centre could hear what was going on. A musician started proceedings by getting the crowd going and encouraging tourists and shoppers to stop by to see what was going on, before the speakers started warning about the dangers of multiculturalism and calling for Merkel to be removed. There was a small group of Antifa but they were vastly outnumbered by Nationalists.

Jez compares multicultural London with it’s fear of eye-contact and iron bars on the doors to European capitals that are still majority White and where people still smile at one another. Diversity causes a breakdown of trust between communities and families and even if you have nothing worth stealing, you are still at risk of having your dwelling violated or being physically attacked just for being White.

Matt contrasts the prevalence of Antifa and Leftist material in Greece with the lack of a presence in the Czech Republic. They plaster Athens in stickers and try to drown out any Nationalist gatherings there because they are emboldened by the Leftist government. This is one of benefits of having a loud PA system, as the Antifa cannot drown you out then no matter how hard they try. Our message is one that appeals to people when they get a chance to hear it and having musicians singing patriotic songs also attracts people to the demonstration.

The conversation moves around from ways that we can improve protests to ways that we can improve generally and Jez highlights the importance of having an articulate and well presented spokesman. We have lots of enthusiasm in our Nationalist organisations but a lot of the time they are let down by their presentation, with typos and spelling mistakes or not being able to express the ideas in an intelligent manner.

There are three things that are needed for Nationalism, money, boots on the ground and people in suits to talk to the media. You need good security which can be provided by the young idealists and then you need the well presented and articulate speakers. This requires class co-operation which is something we are lacking. We do not have a good officer class to work in tandem with the working class organisations. The EDL are a good example of this, they had a huge army of working class patriots but no officer class for them to put forwards as their spokesmen. They just had Tommy Robinson, who let them all down and left them with nobody to take over after him.

We need the people who speak at the conferences and the posh hotels to get out there with the protesters on the streets advocating for us and we need less inverse snobbery from those street activists against the moderate posh-conference speakers, so that we can best utilise the talent from both.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach, Sven Longshanks and Jez Turner

The Daily Traditionalist: On Location in Prague – DT 091916

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