The Daily Traditionalist: Chris Johnson and White Lives Matter

white lives matter

Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus are joined today by Chris Johnson who is involved with the White Lives Matter movement in Texas. After the 5 White cops were shot there by a Black terrorist, they decided to get together and demonstrate at the site of the shootings. They were instantly accused of being racist by the public, but generally got on well with the police. Jason reminds us that the Jews have the ADL, the Blacks have Black Lives Matter, but if we speak up for White people we are immediately demonised.

White Lives Matter also went to the ADL location in Houston Texas to expose how anti-White they were and also to tell people about the history of the ADL and how it all started with the Mary Phagan case. The Jews immediately tried to drown them out with a PA system and Black Lives Matter turned up trying to cause trouble, even though the protest had nothing to do with BLM and was about the ADL. The Blacks also tried to burn an American flag and were stomping on it, showing their disgust for the country that gave them everything.

Chris explains that on November 19th at the Austin state capital there will be a protest against hate crime laws and how they are not being applied to Blacks, only ever to Whites. There will also be an unveiling of an African American monument to achievement at the same location on the same day, so things could get a bit exciting. He finds it sad that the ADL and the SPLC have designated White Lives Matter as a hate group, when all they are trying to do is fight for justice for our people.

Chris has been quite open about his Nationalist stance and has support from his family for what he does but he has seen people lose friends and family through speaking up for our race and Matt points out that you can proudly declare you are a pervert and people will celebrate it, but as soon as you say you love your race you become an instant pariah. The very people that we are fighting for are often the loudest voices in attacking us. Chris advises keeping an eye on what is happening in your community so that you can see who needs support and then speak up for them, as a way to defeat this attitude among our people.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach, Jason Augustus and Chris Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Chris Johnson and White Lives Matter – DT 103116

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