Truth Will Out Radio: Undefeated to the End


Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt bring us another episode of Truth Will Out Radio expanding on the subject matter covered in Dennis’ two documentaries.

Messerschmitt begins with the fifth and final presentation on Hans-Joachim Marseille and sets the scene by portraying the war on the ground in North Africa, describing the huge amount of war material the allies were shipping to the area for their planned offensive called "Operation Crusader", leaving the Germans and Italians even more outnumbered in tanks, airplanes and artillery than they were before.

After some accounts of what happened during Operation Crusader, especially mentioning the bravery of the Italian "Young Fascists" Infantry Division, we return to Marseille. His sister had been slain back in Germany and he was recalled to Berlin. As he was very close to his sister this deeply affected our hero. Nevertheless, even though he was struggling emotionally he did not let this affect his duties as a soldier. In fact the days of his greatest successes lay yet ahead. We hear what happened when 7 allied fighters tried to jump him as he was coming in to land, which would normally make a pilot defenceless and how one day he shot down 17 enemy planes, 8 of them within 10 minutes. The presentation ends with some sad information about how and why Marseille died before Schmitt tells us the glorious way he was remembered by his comrades.

After that Sven brings us some news on Ursula Haverbeck, who at 86 years old has just been sentenced to 11 months in prison for daring to question the mainstream media’s portrayal of events during the second world war. Ursula had written to the Jews telling them the good news that there was evidence to show that many of their ancestors may not have been tortured to death by gassing after all. Anybody else would be pleased to hear this but not the Jews. Could this have anything to do with all the money they receive by way of reparations?

Ursula seems very happy for someone facing prison in pictures of her leaving the court and Sven explains how she has appealed this decision each time which means it goes to a higher court. Perhaps she is hoping to finally get to a court with a jury where she will be able to present her evidence? The whole point of having a jury is to prevent a tyranny such as the one we have now of ever being able to take place and even the most liberal of jurors should be against locking someone up for having a different opinion.

Dennis has some questions from a viewer this week, dealing with how Germany differentiated between ‘good’ Jews and bad, also how many fought for Germany during the war and why Hitler let them escape to Palestine to set up their criminal state of Israel. Hitler was able to make exceptions for those Jews who had proved their loyalty, showing that the principle of exceptions to the rule had been accounted for by the NSDAP.

The podcast finishes with a brief analysis of how the news media are ramping up the emotional blackmail from Syria in preparation for a war with Russia. No-fly zones are being called for and the only man who stands in the way of this is now the victim of a vicious slander campaign designed to prevent women from voting for him. Let us hope he has saved his best until last for the third debate.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Undefeated to the End – TWOR 101416

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  3. Darn typos....

    As you at Aryan are all aware, Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must ‘vanish’ before the state of Israel can be formed. "You shall return minus 6 million".

    Therefore, Jews will NOT be pleased to know that there was no 6 million jewish holocaust, because it would mean that their prophecies and the Torah and Talmud are wrong. This is an unacceptable notion. Therefore, Jews will never accept that there was no holocaust of Jews, since they stole for themselves the state of Israel before their "truthful" Torah's prophecy was fulfilled. Hence, by acknowledging this fact, they realize they are not entitled to the Palestinian land. By logic, without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State, as Jewish historian Tom Segev has written.

    One could argue, perhaps, that Jews are intelligent enough to set such absurd foundations for their right to exist aside, especially since, for example, Dr. David Duke claims that the majority of Jews are atheists. But that's not how it works with them. They are totally loyal to their clan and tradition, and tradition stipulates that the Torah and Talmud are true, therefore they are, even for atheists (!)

    We see in Jewish literature and other cultural products, that Jews are very good at depicting emotional, psychological conflicts and paradoxes, be it in works by Allen "Woody Allen" Konigsberg, och Isaac Bashevis Singer, or the metally very ill Gustav Mahler. It's part of their collective psyche, so for them the 6 million will be true, even if it is only "true in their minds", to speak with the Jew Herman Rosenblat.

    I heard a documentary about schizophreina. Apparently many schizophrenics believe that one or more of their personalities belong to famous people. One such man was both Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte. His doctor argued that he ought to understand that he could not be both, becuase they didn't even live in the same century. His reply was instant: "We can, because I am a schizophrenic". I find this a good depiction of Jewishness.

    Love to Sven Longshanks. I think I have very rarely heard a man speak with such compassion, love and empathy for other people and men, be they by society despised skinheads or heros like Kurt Gerstein. They say love will always win. I am not sure this is true, but I hope that we will.

  4. Thankyou for your kind words.

    Im not sure it is in the Torah though, it may be in the Talmud or in the Torah through some kabbalistic interpretation of the numerical significance of the words in it. Interestingly the Jews of the New Testament deny ever being held in captivity by either Egypt, Assyria or Babylon.