Aryan Esoterica: Lucifer, the Black Sun, Angels and the Green Thunderbolt

AE 2

Sven Longshanks presents the second episode in a mini-series looking at esoteric Aryan history, exploring subject matter from Miguel Serrano’s ‘Hitler the Ultimate Avatar’ and using it to find common ground between National Socialism, Aryan Vedanta, Norse Paganism and Christianity.

This week four main subjects are discussed starting with the role of Lucifer in our myths and the meaning behind the symbol of the black sun. Sometimes the more intelligent among us may miss the simple things as they are so used to looking for a more complicated pattern. In other words they may not see the wood, for the trees. Gnosticism relies upon this phenomenon in order to subtly deceive people and the promotion of Lucifer is a good example of this.

The black sun is often assumed to be something that it is not and most depictions of it turn out to be eclipses. It is a symbol that perfectly explains what it is meant to convey once you know what that is though and the wonder is that it has not been used before, since the only definitive example we have of it is in the SS castle at Wewelsberg.

Serrano was certain that the tales of angels breeding with men in the Bible were also relayed in the folk tales of other tribes and he gives examples which are expanded on and explained by Sven. He also thought the Mahabharata war was describing one of the battles caused by the racial bastards produced by these unions and this war took place at the end of the last Yuga around the time of Noah’s flood.

After explaining the correlations between these tales of angels and men with a detour into sun worship and Akhenaton, Sven then points to the likely origin of the green thunderbolt and what usage of the colour symbolises, before drawing parallels with the modern day employment of it by the Alt-Right in the form of Pepe.

Finally to finish the podcast off, the links between gnosticism and the kabbalah are shown and why it leads to the diversity agenda. Our enemies are there for us to learn from them, but not in the way that you might think.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Esoterica: Lucifer, the Black Sun, Angels and the Green Thunderbolt – AE 011217

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  1. Thanks Sven!

    Very helpful distinctions and negations. Definitely corrected some of my error.

  2. Dear Sven,
    Prior to, concurrent with or after reading Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar did you read Maestro Serrano's coded Tantric/Magic Love/A-mor books such as El & Ella or Nos: The Book of Resurrection or the other, the first & third, books of his Esoteric Hitlerism trilogy The Golden Thread (El Cordon Dorado) and Manu: The Man Who Will Come (Manu: El Hombre que Vendra)?
    Have you and for anyone interested read interviews of him or watched the video interview of him towards the end of his life on the spanish language TV program Fascinacion available on youtube with English subtitles titled there Miguel Serrano interview (part 1)?
    I will not attempt here nor at the end of this 5 part series attempt a rebuttal response as I feel thag as most of Serrano's work are now available for free in English Translation online at sites such as Oregoncoug blog whose owner, Brother Francis, actually has developed, continues to develop while also refining, clarifying, and forthrightly proclaiming an Aryan Catholic Orthodox Christian interpretation quite similar to yours in many respects or Serranos Esoteric Hitlerist dogma or kerygma! However it is also much more nuanced, gives far more credence and praise for Serrano honoring him devotely as a prophet and saint, while also acknowledging and forgiving his errors as the Church has done in the past while still glorifying as Church Fathers men such as St.Gregory of Nyssa and St.Augustine of Hippo

  3. Additionally I also feel compelled to state here that Miguel Serrano made it obvious in his works that he was still seeking answers and testing others claims, conjecture, going on expeditions to find out if the radically contrary, magical, conspiratorial and revisionist accounts of what happened during and after WWII were true such as his voyage to Antarctica. He sought to understand what he had learned/discovered from meeting and spending a good deal of time talking to in person and corresponding with those who had met and talked to the Fuhrer and were key figures in WWII fighting for the Reich against Jewish led and subverted Capitalist and Marxist Allies, such as Leon Degrelle, the great Rexist Walloon met Hitler, fought on the Eastern Front and spent his remaining life in Spain NEVER ceasing his praise, love and adoration the Führer! The second Arthur. Serrano sought those who were close to the Fuhrer during long and different periods of his life particulary during the era of the Third Reich and WWII, along with reading their private testimony, and the testimony/memoirs of those he, Serrano, did not meet such as Otto Skorzeny. He also sought out and knew well those who were active in National Socialism, Fascism, in the Reich and its Allies and their accounts and interpretation of their experiences and what they heard and were told by their confidants.

  4. He sought out others who could understand his quest for the Truth about Hitler, the Reich, WWII, its heroes & villains and aid him in gaining greater insight into and clarity regarding its spiritual occult and esoteric causes, nature and effects. His relationship with C.G.Jung in relation to this goal, study of his works and later disavowal and condemnation of as a Freemason traitor is found in various sections of the above cited works of Serrano in queries to you, Sven, as I'm sure you know as well. And of course he sought out any other of those active in the NSDAP, the Ahnenerbe, and SS and whom knew those who were and/or reading about their involvement, travels and studies/scholarly work. He also spent a grear deal of his life seeking out spiritual guides, such as Tantric Hindu and Vajrayana Buddhist gurus & lamas of Kashmiri Kaula Tantrist/ Shaivist ashrams and helping the Dalai Lama get to Darjeeling after the Chinese invasion and annexation of destruction of Tibet! He read a VAST amount of ancient and Medieval and Modern literature of all kinds but focused on spiritual, philosophical, romantic, poetic and archaeological works. & a man who was a forever faithful National Socialist, a latter day Knight, Poet-Warrior-monk, who took Honour, Nobility of Virtue, and Gentlemanly etiquette seriously and had profound spirtual experiences, loyally followed his Maestro of the spiritual order he joined after receiving very detailed instructions from him during their first meeting regarding how to respond to and resolve the terror he, Serrano from his then personal dilemma of suffering from frequent horrifying episodes of Sleep Paralysis. Thus began his path of truth seeking discovery in the esoteric occult realm and he spent his life seeking to understand and connect the statements, the instructions/teachings, and revelations of his Maestro while also trying understand ever more as well as expand into more and develop more control over his own spiritual experiences;exercise his supernormal abilities, lucid dreaming astral travel.
    This is why we find several statements found in El Cordon Dorado that were admittedly from the weird and mostly bogus strange book "The Morning of the Magicians."
    I will stop as I have already written far too much but you needed to doublecheck some of your statements combing Serranos entire corpus for you will find that though he often seems to be writing from a vantage of certainty much of his statements were working hypothertical conclusions,of a man dealing many many differing and contraditory acconts that open no doors to a paradox. Thus you at times find his statements and speculative insights have changed radically. But should he have not written his incredible books or been an AMAZING Chilean National Socialist leader?
    Sincerly Christian AKA Eucherius

    1. Thanks for the comments Christian, the series is just based upon Hitler The Ultimate Avatar and the themes explored in it. A lot of it I agree with and I find it confirmed in the Bible, but you would miss all that if you take the Jews at face value, which he appears to have done.

      I dont see that as a slur on him, he quite concievably never came across the contradictory information because he never knew it was there in the first place, which is why I am putting it out there now.

      Thanks for the further information on the author himself.

    2. Dear Sven and all,
      First I wish to apologize for my above rather wordy, long-winded, pretentious comments though I did feel the additional info was not only pertinent but necessary for proper analysis & treatment of any of his writings. Particularly that any analysis focusing in on just the text of "Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar", even as thoroughly developed, representative of, and clarified the Esoteric Hitlerism of this major book is because of how he remained open to new information, discovery, and further development/changing of his new religion/esoteric National Socialism even after completion of his Hitlerist trilogy. But even in this he modeled himself after the Fuhrer whose views and opinions always allowed for exceptions to allow for new development and change. This is clear when comparing what is stated in "Mein Kampf" and later actions taken, public pronouncements and private conversations of Hitler towards the end of his life.
      Serrano's references and descriptions of the Black Sun and the Green Thunderbolt were based primarily on his reading and interpretation of Hermetic and Alchemical mysticism rather than anything much drawn from Nordic/Germanic/Indo-Aryan texts/spirituality. Recently I've speculated that his descriptions of Venus the Green Thunderbolt and Black Sun could be related to the opinions found in the book "Alien Sky" which contend that in ancient times the original sun was Saturn and that Mars and Venus were at one time aligned with Saturn and that electric discharges, lightning/thunder bolts were discharged from Saturn and electricity flowed/exchanged between earth and Saturn. However this is just speculation and of course I would not at all think Serrano could have been influenced by above cited book as he states the black sun in behind of the shadow of the actual physical sun and further that Saturn is the Father of the Jews who consumes his Anti-Racial children which is why they have no concept of an afterlife as they have none and no souls even! Calling them flesh and blood robots essentially.
      Again I apologize for all the long winded comments but since first reading Serranos's "Nos" three years ago I have continuously read his works with intense interest and dare I say devotion. His writings on A-mor I particularly find fascinating and have spurred me to further research into Tantra and the Shaivism of the Kaula.
      I in no way want my comments to be viewed has whole hearted endorsement of all Serrano wrote, especially since his most devoted Anglophone followers I have read don't even give such credence to him. But he and his writings have been invaluable in seeking to develop are far more spiritual and comprehensive weltanschauung with exoteric National Socialism as its roots or seed/soil!
      Greatly look forward to your next episode!
      Thank you greatly for these programs and your entertaining while professional accent and even-paced, clear vocal delivery!

    3. Also I apologize for all the spelling-errors and I do particularly enjoy your Orthodox Christian rooted criticism of Serrano and the book in question. Although I believe his view was that the Jews stole the texts and spiritual exercises/practices/customs of the ancient Aryans the same way at council of Jamnia they took the Septuagint and created an anti-Christian redaction, the Masoretic texts, and then put down into writing the volumes of the Talmud and later we find the Jewish corrupted texts of the Kabbalah which certainly did not come from them! Frankly claiming the Jews to be the originators of anything other than disgusting dialogues about child rape, sexual immorality, unclean bodily fluids, and literal legalistic, 'according to the letter not the spirit' interpretation of the Scriptures and why its a sin to turn the knob on a faucet on the Shabbos!

    4. I think the black sun symbolises something quite different, it is what we should see around the heads of Saints instead of the Luciferian halo. I think the planets used to look quite different to how they do now and I think that is referenced later on in the series, how it fits in with the electric universe theory. If you have yet to find it, the thunderbolts project is a good site that deals with it.

  5. Extremely interesting, King Longshanks II ! Also, I love your mode of reading. You are very very good at that.