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Aryan Insights: Jack Sen–British Renaissance


Jack Sen joins Sven Longshanks to discuss his new project ‘British Renaissance’ and talk about what he has been up to since UKIP disowned him for anti-Semitism.

He explains how he had always planned to use UKIP to get media attention for our cause and chose to cause a controversy just before the election at the peak of his exposure, as after that, he would have just been forgotten about.

It worked and he got lots of coverage for pointing out that Luciana Berger’s loyalty was to Israel and not the British people.

Nigel Farage immediately dismissed him and the story received international coverage, leading to him joining the BNP.

Sen explains how Farage and UKIP are not all they seem and gives instances of Farage courting the Moslems and refusing to call for a cap on immigration, while at the same time trying to appeal to the British public as a patriotic voice.

Eventually the BNP would also have a back-bone failure over Sen’s criticism of organised Jewry and he left them to form British Renaissance with other like-minded nationalists.

His idea is to have a regular forum for networking, debate and speeches along the lines of the NPI and Am-Ren, but without topics like Jews and homosexuals being taboo.

The group will also provide cross-party support for any nationalist candidates that do take a stand and speak the truth about the problems we face as a race.

Jack also addresses his part-Indian heritage, which does not necessarily mean that he isn’t White as there are Brahmin groups in India that kept to the caste laws and never became mongrelised.

He has also produced a book entitled How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets, which also includes essays from Andrew Anglin and Matthew Heimbach.

Hosted by Sven Longshanks with guest Jack Sen

Aryan Insights: Jack Sen – British Renaissance

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  2. The white race will perish, and the final blow turns your hardest core that already infiltrated promotes radical changes in the acceptance of what it is to be white.

    The fact of the mestizo andrew anglin be well-liked and seen as Aryan, proves that this phenomenon is irreversible.

    The Persian, Hindu and Kurdish cause, for example, are defended by populations that racially has nothing to do with the ancient Persians, Hindus, and Kurds. white sake will have similar fate

    1. You think Andrew Anglin is a Mestizo?

      Have you had your sight checked recently?