Aryan Narrations: Merrie England 2000 Part III

NB This book is now deemed illegal for public distribution in the United Kingdom.
Mr. Jordan and the alleged printer of Merrie England 2000 were/are currently facing prosecution under the tyrannical UK 'Race Act' concerning the publishing and distribution of the book. Free speech is a crime today in the United Kingdom. For the full details of the Jews' "case" against Mr Jordan, please see Colin Jordan versus ZOG.
The trial was discontinued due to the author’s ill health at 78 years of age.

Not much has changed since then apart from the situation getting worse and Jordan’s vision of what England would be like in the new millennium was incredibly accurate, he even foresaw the use of a word like ‘diversity’ and came close with his own guess of ‘harmony’.

Final two chapters narrated by Sven Longshanks.

Aryan Narrations: Merrie England 2000 Part 5 - Decay, Destruction and Design/Celebrations of the Century


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