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The Stormer Report: Vote Trump and Save Christmas!

The first episode of The Stormer Report deals with four main news stories covered by Andrew Anglin for the Daily Stormer.

All are linked by the latest Moslem atrocity in Paris and its aftermath.

War has been declared against us by the Islamists yet still our politicians refuse to take the threat seriously, sending police around to arrest identified members of an embedded Moslem terrorist cell, instead of sending in the army to take them out.

Our own defensive forces are still being used to guarantee safe passage for the Jihadis into Europe, despite a large proportion of the ‘refugees’ pledging their support for ISIS. According to a recent poll of Syrian refugees 13% of them hold a positive view and 10% are just neutral about them.

The European ‘citizens’ who have enrolled in the Islamic State are all second or third generation immigrants, proving that the desire for violent jihad comes from their hereditary genes and not from any education they have or have not received.

Islam does not create jihadis, jihadis create Islam. It has been a religion of conquest spread by the sword since its inception. Trying to arrest people who are prepared to blow themselves up if it means they get to kill you too, is just ridiculous.

None of this would be happening if our traitor politicians had not let them into our countries, but the Jewish media still tries to push the false narrative that ISIS are committing atrocities because they want us to close our borders to the invasion.

About the only mainstream politician to be speaking any sense on this subject is Donald Trump, who along with implying that ‘our people’ means White people, has suggested purchasing some protected land for them in Syria and then housing all the ‘refugees’ in tents on it. Surely this would be the best thing to do, if they are genuinely just seeking safety?

Trump has also spoken about saving Christmas from the Jew-inspired attacks upon it. He may not speak directly against the enemies of Christ, but he constantly speaks about the ways we are being undermined by them.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Andrew Anglin

The Stormer Report: Vote Trump and Save Christmas!


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