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Aryan Narrations – The Truth About Lynching and the Negroes in the South III


The Blacks have no grounds whatsoever to be demanding reparations for slavery. Not only were they saved from the incredibly dangerous life of being a slave in Africa, but they were then educated and looked after by the most altruistic and caring people on earth. If they had stayed in Africa they could have been eaten, slain for a sacrifice or chopped into pieces just to amuse their master, but in America they were treated as if they were worth something and the proof of how much better life was for them being owned by an White man, is that they never tried to go back home again after they were freed.

In fact they were not just well looked after, but were treated like adopted children in many cases. According to the Negro yearbook of 1913 they had over $700,000,000 worth of property and 15,961,506 acres of land between them. Not bad for someone who had only just been freed from supposed slavery, which by definition means not being allowed to own any property. Clearly the wicked White man was not quite so wicked after all and had ensured that the freed slaves were given ample resources with which to earn themselves a living.

Unfortunately the Negro did not want to earn himself a living and so long as he had enough food to eat that day, he was not interested in what might happen tomorrow. Much of his farm land had been gifted to him by his previous masters in the hopes that he would make a success of his new found freedom, but within a short while that prime real estate was fast being turning into a wasteland. At the 1915 Negro conference at the Tuskegee Institute it was stated that 20,000 Negro farms had no cattle, 27,000 no hogs, 200,000 no poultry, 140,000 no corn, 750,000 no oats, 550,000 no sweet potatoes and on 200,000 farms there was no arable farming whatsoever.

On top of this ‘never before known in the whole of history’ act of kindness to the freed slaves, the White man also paid for the Negro young to be schooled and educated. In fact the Negro himself only paid 15% of all the private school tuition fees for his own offspring, with the White man paying the rest.

So how well did the Negro fare with all the kindness and generosity that was bestowed upon him?

Winfield H Collins finishes the book off by summarising what has happened to the Negro since he was emancipated and what he sees happening to him in the future, before making some suggestions of his own on ways to improve the situation. Unfortunately America decided not to listen to him though and carried on with more of the same, more hand-outs, more free schools, more free housing, more free jobs and all of it paid for by the White man.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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