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Aryan Narrations: White Supremacy and Negro Subordination V

In the case of a father and son, you have one person which needs caring for and another that is capable of doing the caring and the motive for this is affection. In the case of the master and the slave, again you have a being that needs caring for and another that is capable of doing the caring, however the catalyst for this is interest, rather than affection. It is in the master’s best interests to treat his property with the greatest of kindness and in direct proportion to this care shown, the Negro responds with affection.

According to the author of this work, JH Van Evrie, the Negroes had more affection for a good master than they did for their own wives and children. I can well believe this, since the family relations between Blacks are not in any way similar to the family relations between White people. We need look no further than Barack Obama today and the way he has nothing to do with his former family to see the evidence for this. With White people, the affection from parent to child continues right through till old age, but with the Negro it disappears once the child becomes an adult.

Instead of forming an attachment to their adult offspring the Negro forms an attachment to the one who feeds and cares for him. An extreme example of this is the way that Negroes will often kill their employer if he sacks them. The attachment is so strong that when broken, the Negro just cannot cope with the rejection. It is built into his instincts to serve, which is why slavery has always been the only economy ever known among Black Africans.

While the Negro does owe obedience to his master, the master is obliged to provide protection, care and guidance as well as to take care of all his wants. Slavery was not that different from the system we have today with employers and employees, just far less confusing and far less chance of the Negro getting into debt through his inability to grasp the concept of a future extending past this one moment.

This is why the Negro has always had the same position in life throughout time immemorial, until today, where he is rapidly devolving to a state of savagery now that he no longer has a positive example to imitate set before him by the White man. Instead, he has been fed lies about an imaginary history and feels rage and resentment when he realises that he is not capable of half the things that the White man is.

His natural position is either as a subordinate race being cared for by a superior one, or among his own and living a life of savagery. All we have done by doing away with ‘slavery’ is to give the Negro a false sense of entitlement that he no longer has to work in order to get paid.

The emancipated and angry criminal Negro of today bears no resemblance to the care-free and happy Negro of the slavery era, who had all his wants catered for and a being worthy of his affections to imitate. The White man today no longer sets an example for the Negro to imitate but actually looks to the Negro for inspiration!

This fantastic book really gives us an insight into the thinking of the American planters and they were nothing at all like you have been told. They were far more God-fearing and caring towards the other races than any of the so-called anti-racists today. Yes the Negro was seen as chattel, personal moveable property but so were all the subjects of the King. The King was there to look after his subjects and the master was there to look after his slaves, or at least that was the way that the Negroes saw it.

If those old White Supremacists could see us today they would be weeping at the harm that has been done to the Negro and furious at the stupidity of our people in thinking we can spite God and turn the natural order on it’s head. They were determined to prove themselves worthy of the gifts that God had given them and if that meant subduing their racial competitors in order to secure prosperity and safety for their own, then they had no fear at all of doing so. After all, with the White man in charge both races benefitted, but with the Negro in charge no race benefits.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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