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Aryan Narrations: White Supremacy and Negro Subordination III

JH Van Evrie moves on to describing the immediately apparent differences between the White and the Black races and how this proves the role that nature intended for both.

Starting with the hair, he shows that the Negro’s hair is there to protect his head, whereas the White man’s hair is there to accentuate the beauty of his race, like a crown to demonstrate our nobility. He then shows how the beard denotes manliness and maturity and is unique to the White race. Any other race having a beard is just proof that that race has miscegenated with Whites at some point in it’s history. Moving on to the features, we can see from every other animal on earth, that the faculties of a creature are demonstrated in it’s features. But what faculties can a creature with no way of showing them in it’s features, possibly have?

Next we look at the language differences, how the Negro has no written language and has great difficulties in forming coherent sentences in the White man’s tongue. To this day the Negro still has problems trying to speak English and instead of expecting him to, our own people have now started to imitate him. We have the wigger phenomenon of White people speaking in a cod-Jamaican accent, which is really just the sounds made when something is incapable of fully-human speech. Once again, we are shown that a Negro that can actually imitate a White man, is always found to really be a Mulatto, as in the case of any Negro that can sing.

Finally we take a look at the brain and the intellect. Negro brains are much smaller than the average White man’s and the part of the brain where the animal instincts arise, is much larger in the Negro than in the White man. What the Negro really excels at, is imitating any superior race that he sees around him. Unfortunately the minute the superior race ceases to have influence, the Negro reverts to savagery. No matter how much he is educated, within two generations of being on his own all is lost. We see this happening most explicitly in Liberia, where the most educated Negroes were relocated to and given all the resources they would need, in order to bring the gifts of their knowledge to their fellow Africans. One hundred years later and cannibalism is rife and not one of the most intelligent Negroes in the country, was able to pass a standardised university entrance exam last year.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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  2. ^ And right there in that comment is all the evidence required, to prove White supremacy and Negro subordination.

  3. try shaving your hair and stand for a few hours in the dessert sun, i's like to see you denide that you need the hair.
    and you say that Black American can't speak the "White" language? look up Malcolm X's speeches. then try to speak in perfect German, French, and Spain.
    Also, which part of the brain is the animal instinct part? How do you know things that scientists are not even sure of?