The Stormer Report: Three Out of Three Ain’t Bad!

Andrew Anglin returns to Radio Aryan for another Stormer Report with the most positive news we have heard in a long time.

Not just one good news story but three this week and each one taking the rest of the world by surprise.

Donald Trump surpassed all expectations on Tuesday with his call to ban all Moslems, but then took it one step further on Wednsday and implied that Israel was funding ISIS.

As well as sneaking this past most of the media, he then went on to cancel his trip to Israel.

Anglin gives us an in-depth explanation for this behaviour and why it was so important for him to go to Israel in the first place, which does not include doing it to suck up to the Jews.

The Chosenites ban all Moslems from Israel, but still they dared to criticise Trump’s policy and have even instigated a petition to ban the glorious leader from Britain.

Unfortunately for them though public opinion is not on their side, as shown by the incredible victory of Marine Le Pen’s Front Nationale at this week’s elections in France.

The rest of the White world outside of the SJWs at university see no reason to allow Moslems into their countries either and 25% of Brits polled said they agreed with Trump too.

But there was more good news yet, as Tyson Fury remained steadfast and refused to back down over his comments about queers, paedophiles and feminists.

Despite the BBC harassing his family, his manager and insisting on thrusting a microphone under his nose while he was stopped somewhere in his car, the only words Tyson had for them was ‘Repent, Repent, Repent, for the end of the world is nigh!’

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Andrew Anglin


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