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Aryan Insights: Harold Covington From The Northwest Front

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Harold Covington
Long-time activist, National Socialist, author and all-round advocate for White people Harold Covington from the Northwest Front is this week’s special guest for Aryan Insights.

He starts by explaining what the Northwest Front is all about and why it is the only option left for White people in the United States. How it is a continuation of ‘the Butler plan’ to concentrate on one area, gradually take it over and declare it a Republic. This has been achieved in the past, notably with Israel and Ireland and apart from an armed insurrection, is the only way to ensure that the 14 words are carried out. People like Trump may help to make the situation better, but we are not going to vote ourselves out of being occupied by ZOG.

Harold describes the area that the Northwest Republic includes and gives a run down of what people can expect to find there if they go. There is a support network of awake Whites and there are plenty of jobs, but the competition for those jobs increases every year, which is why it is so important that people migrate there now and prevent those positions being taken by non-Whites.

The Republic already has a constitution and a framework for governance all worked out, even a banking system which Harold gives a brief overview of. The plan to gradually replace all the current institutions is one that has worked before and can work again, it just needs enough people of good character to take part in order to succeed.

After talking about the NWR Covington answers questions about his past, particularly to do with Combat 18, who seem to have more of a reputation in America than they do in England. He talks a bit about his time in Britain and how C18 was started inadvertently, after Gerry Gable of Searchlight magazine tried to sensationalise a bit of football hooliganism. He addresses the rumours that it was a sting operation and explains what his connection to it really was.

Contrasting recent events in Cologne with his time in Rhodesia, Harold confirms that nothing as bad as that ever happened there, as Negroes knew that they would be immediately punished if they were caught taking liberties with their freedoms. Having seen Whites fighting against Whites in both Rhodesia and Ireland, Harold was also asked to give his thoughts on the Ukraine situation, where we see Whites fighting against Whites yet again.

Finally, to round off the interview he makes a few predictions for 2016 and gives his views on some current issues, such as the acceptance of homosexuals in nationalism. He calls this “movement modernisation” and sees it as part of a broader acceptance of other offences to the natural world such as Mulattoes and Jews, leading to a compromise of the most basic principle of nationalism, adhering to the natural order.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Harold Covington

Aryan Insights: Harold Covington From The Northwest Front - AI 011116


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