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Aryan Narrations: White Supremacy and Negro Subordination VI

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This book by JH Van Evrie still continues to amaze with the insights that the White Southerner had into racial differences back in the 1850s.

Common sense tells you that the education required for one type of being is going to be different to that required by another. The White child is taught by abstract lessons as well as oral instruction, in the same way that White children have always been taught, going all the way back to the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilisations. The Mongol child is taught with material emblems which represent their ideas, but he has no idea of history going back for more than a few generations. The Negro however, has never even taken the first step towards mental development, he never even invented an alphabet, which is always the first requirement towards transmitting information from one generation to the next.

The Negro learns by imitation, without actually understanding the reasoning behind it. He is not capable of understanding abstract ideas such as the future, or putting yourself in another man’s shoes. The proof of this is not just in what we observe from their behaviour, but also from the fact that none of their African languages contain any words for abstract ideas.

One of the advantages to using the Negroes as slaves, was that they did not bring any history, traditions or character with them. They could be easily moulded into taking on the character that their White benefactors gave them. The best way to do this was with oral and verbal instruction, giving them the best chance to make use of their imitative powers. Of course this is at odds with the way that a White child should be taught, as he needs to learn how to think for himself. When the Negro is taught to think for himself, we get societies like the ones in Haiti, Liberia and Zimbabwe.

Our civilisation is based upon the family unit. The respect for the father figure lasts throughout adult life and the wider society we have beyond the family is based upon an extension of it. The Negro does not have familial affection in the same way that we do, especially once the young have become adults. This translates into an inability to form a functioning civilisation because it as alien to them as the life-long family unit that it is based upon. The author believes that the affection that we show for our family, becomes transformed in the Negro into affection for his master.

The sole enduring affection that the Negro has throughout his entire life from cradle to grave, is for his master. If this were not so, then they would not have been used as slaves for thousands of years.

One of the criticisms that is levelled at slavery is that it split ‘married’ Negroes up and that they were not allowed to marry without the master’s permission. But the Negro never had any tradition of marriage in the same way that we do. They would form relations with the woman they got pregnant, but this was never a life-long arrangement like it should be with Whites and there was never any guarantee or contract of fidelity to just one partner. Even today this is still the same, with a recent documentary on RT about the African Masai tribe confirming that ‘married’ Negroes continue to sleep with multiple partners.

It was only after exposure to the White man’s custom of marriage that Negroes started sticking with one partner. They would find one they liked, ask the master’s permission in the same way a White man would ask the parent’s permission and then a White clergyman would ‘marry’ them. However he would never have to provide for his wife in the way that a Caucasian would, this was always taken care of by the master. He would never have to protect them either, as this was also the master’s responsibility. The ability of the White man to do this is not something the Negro finds easy to imitate, which is why so many of them are on welfare and why they require such heavy policing to protect themselves from each other.

Now that the Negro has been ‘freed’ up to eighty percent of them come from one parent families. This is because with no expectation of them to learn and imitate the White man they are reverting back to their natural savage type where a man’s wealth is judged by how many females he has. We have not yet got so far that they are selling their offspring as slaves like they do in Africa, but there are already huge amounts of Negroes in orphanages with no homes to go to as the Negro does not have the same instincts that we do to look after children. The Negro in the wild looks at them as either food or potential slaves if they are not his own offspring and sometimes even if they do belong to him.

You cannot expect one creature to behave exactly the same as another entirely different creature, no matter how much we may wish it were so.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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