Aryan Narrations: White Supremacy and Negro Subordination VIII


The final installment of JH Van Evrie’s insightful book deals with the current situation when the book was written, just three years after the American civil war. He talks about how the spirit of the Declaration of Independence had been ignored and the British system of banking installed, leading to a replication of the class system in Europe. He believes The Constitution was usurped by the Northerners in order to construct a federalist government, but does not see all Northerners in a negative light. He views the agriculturalists from there as being the allies of the slave-holders in the South, against the Northern capitalist class.

Slavery had still not yet been abolished and there were very real fears that ‘freeing’ the Negroes would be so unfair to them that they would end up going extinct. With their status of slaves, they were well looked after and had the good example of their master set before them, but once set free into the world to try and compete with Whites, they would clearly fail.

The whole idea that White people were prejudiced against the Negroes is destroyed by this book, far from ‘hating them for the colour of their skin’ the White man knew that they could never be compared to him. The only way the Negro could ever be made equal with the White is if the White were to be disabled in some way. The idea that we could be so stupid as to do something like this just so we could pretend the Negro was the same as us did not enter into the author’s mind, but that is exactly what we have done with affirmative action, desegregated schools, civil rights, anti-hate laws and all the other oppressive anti-White legislation which has followed.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by JH Van Evrie

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