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Radio Free Northwest: Only The White Man Can Blush

Not White.
Harold Covington starts with a Harney County update and is pleased to see that finally someone is putting freeman/sovereign principles into action and actually has the firepower to back up any decisions made by their own common law grand jury. This was recorded before the FBI shot an unarmed White man but a drone attack is still possible and Harold warns about this being a likely outcome.

After this he moves on to describing a few ways to determine whether someone is White or not. Generally your first instinct about them will be the correct one, so if after thirty seconds there are still doubts in your mind, then take a step back. The best way to tell if someone is White is if they can blush, as only White people are capable of blushing. So if anyone is having doubts about their own Whiteness or anyone close to them, then this is the best indicator to use.

Following this there is another excerpt from the Radio Aryan interview explaining what is wrong with the banking system and how the NWF plans to deal with it.

Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End is Gretchen’s Book of the Week and she explains that by this time in his life, Clarke had become quite a skeptic. If you take out the science fiction elements of his novel, you really do have a very similar situation to now, with people leading lazy lives and no longer having any respect for traditions or religion. The storyline comes across as an esoteric commentary on the left and right paths, but unfortunately it has a philo-semitic slant to it. Despite this Gretchen still found the book intriguing and fascinating, although not particularly racial.

Finally there is a clip from a newcomer who has made it to the Pacific Northwest at last. He was inspired to make the clip after hearing about the conditions that the German people are currently living under. His solution to these problems is to build your own home out of a shipping container and he explains the logistics of doing this.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Only The White Man Can Blush

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