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Radio Free Northwest: Paving Roads and Taking Down Fences


Harold Covington presents this week’s edition of Radio Free Northwest and begins with an update of what’s happening at Harney County and how the supposed criminal miitias have been repaving roads and taking down fences. The regime has responded to this by going after the people who have been helping the militias and stealing their children. This is typical of the anti-White authorities, who have been using this same method in Germany, against dissidents who criticise Merkel’s immigration policies.

Next up is emails and Harold addresses an allegation that there is a big methamphetamine problem in the Northwest. This drug seems to be the crack-cocaine of the poor White communities, however it has not turned those White communities into anything like as bad a hell-hole as your typical Negro drug ghetto. It is also confined only to a few large cities in the area.

The Trucker is back with a report from snowy Wyoming and he reccommends making two new year’s resolutions this year, to donate regularly to the cause and to make a scouting trip to the Northwest.

Gretchen reviews ‘Hasten the Day’ by Billy Roper. The book references a lot of popular culture and even includes the Islamic State in it’s storyline. The first of a series, it traces the career of McNabb, who commands the White forces against all the rest, in a quest to secure a part of the United States when the inevitable balkanisation occurs. The South seccedes, but this time it is lead by Black nationalists who are wanting to create a new Africa in the South. The Mormons feature a lot and the book is quite comical and satirical, with most characters being based on members of the controlled opposition. It is an insider’s book with many references to the movement that readers might identify with and in doing so, it lets us know where the author’s sympathies lie.

Andy Donner reports from Seattle on the passage of time, by reflecting on his past four years in the Pacific Northwest. It usually takes people about 4 years from first hearing about the Northwest imperative to actually moving there and Andy explains some of the reasons why this is. It seems like most of the people who do finally migrate, regret the time that they spent waiting around beforehand. This is usually because of taking a gamble on something, like graduating, hoping to get back with the wife of your children, or waiting for some other outcome that is not guaranteed. Andy suggests that people should seriously weigh up whether it is actually worth it to put off moving, for something which may not even happen.

The last section of the podcast includes the first part of the Aryan Insights interview with Harold Covington, interspersed with musical selections.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Paving Roads And Taking Down Fences

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