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Radio Free Northwest: Race or Taxes?

Father Coughlin

HAC starts by reminding people not to play armchair quarterback with what is going on Oregon. What really matters is how it ends and until that happens, we should reserve judgement.

He then finally explains what ‘something has come up’ means. He has been trying to arrange medical assistance at a reasonable cost and this has been taking up a lot of his time.

Because of this, part of the week’s podcast is some vintage audio of Dr Edward R Fields giving a history lesson on Nationalism in America.

Fields talks about Father Coughlin, Dr Francis E Townsend, Hughy Long and others, looking at why they appealed so much to the people.

Most of what they were concerned with was obtaining justice for the low-paid and out of work American in which they were highly successful, with Father Coughlin’s Social Justice magazine having a larger ciculation than the New York Times. Roosevelt agreed to carry out some of Coughlin’s plans so the father backed him and promoted him in his magazine. At the height of his popularity Coughlin had over 40 million listeners to his radio program and even had a private school. He was a great dog lover and when people left the church on Sundays, they would get to shake hands with Pal, his dog. Coughlin is a good example of how it was the patriots that were really interested in helping people, rather than the fake social programs of communism that were just intended to fleece the wealthy and give to the undeserving.

Gretchen reviews “No Surrender” by Hiroo Onoda who is now 94 years old and still alive. He was drafted into the military in the 1940s where he learnt guerilla warfare and how to resist an occupation force. He was taught to expect a possible 100 year war and to carry out his mission no matter what, but when he got to his posting he found his mission was largely pointless, due to American innovations. In 1945 he discovers a leaflet saying the war is over by imperial order, but as he has never seen an imperial order before he believes it to be false and continues to hide on the island right up until the 1970s. Gretchen found the book inspiring and something that White Nationalists would benefit from reading.

Finally Harold talks about conservatism, specifically paleo-conservatives, neo-conservatives and the Tea Party. A nationalist needs to be concerned with race first and not economics, but econimics is all that conservatives are interested in. They just dont want to pay any tax.  American conservatives may have some things in common with us, but they mainly just do not want to pay their hard earned money over to aliens.

The last part of the podcast explains once again, why it is that Harold uses the word ‘Nigger’.

Hosted by Harold Covington from The Northwest Front

Radio Free Northwest: Race or Taxes?

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  1. Keep up the great work. Some Father Coughlin speeches would be much appreciated.

    1. I will see if we can find some, I know we had something to do with him that we played a while back.


    2. A ton of Coughlin broadcasts here: