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Radio Free Northwest: We Need Character Not Paintball Skills

Glenn Miller continuing to conform to stereotypes, years later
Harold Covington of the Northwest Front starts by giving us an update on the Harney County siege, then answers a question about military training for members of the North West Republic, which includes a short recent history lesson about what Glenn Miller did with the $200,000 he was given by The Order.

Miller was a functioning alcoholic and at first he did get some impressive results in the early eighties, showing just what can be achieved with funding. But where Dr Pierce used his $300,000 to buy the West Virginia compound, Miller and his drinking buddies went and built a proper firing range out on his farm and then went on to fulfil every stereotype that our enemies could think of. He invited the media onto his property while he and his pretend army shot at paper Jew and Negro targets, which of course made it to all the newspapers and all the TV news. The ADL, the SPLC and all the rest went wild and got a new law passed in order to prevent paramilitary training with the aim of using it against Miller. Nobody has ever actually been prosecuted with it, but it does now give the FBI an excuse to lock up anyone that they dont like. Due to the Jews writing these laws, they could be used to prosecute anyone, even people paintballing and this is just one of the reasons why the NWF does not engage in paramilitary training. Formal training is not necessary for future White survival, character is what is needed, not large groups of students being bossed around by an egotistical instructor.

Gretchen then reviews Richard Dawkins ‘The Extended Phenotype’ which is the sequel to ‘The Selfish Gene’. Dawkins is a liberal atheist and mainly likes to criticise Christianity, but not so much in this book. Dawkins notes that there are some limits to natural selection, such as moths evolving better eyes to prevent flying into lightbulbs and that organisms can manipulate other organisms as well as their environment, this being the extended phenotype of the title. Elsewhere Dawkins also claims that Hitler was not a Darwinist, but Gretchen points out that in Mein Kampf, he links struggle with biological improvement, which is natural selection. The book does make complicated ideas easier to understand and Gretchen enjoyed reading it.

Finally Covington draws attention to Raven Feather, who has a Youtube channel which takes some of Harold’s more important monologues and then puts them to music.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: We Need Character Not Paintball Skills

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