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The Stormer Report: Truth Propaganda


Lee Rogers from InfoStormer steps in to provide a Stormer Report for this week with Sven Longshanks.

Both the Daily Stormer and InfoStormer have been betrayed by Disqus, who decided to withdraw their services from the two sites after discovering they were being used by people with a different opinion to them. Lee tried re-applying under a different name, but to no avail and the comment-kikes shut the system down literally within hours.  Removal of services is the preferred tactic of the Jew to shut down dissent and he explains how Twitter and Paypal also refused to do business with him, shortly after doing the same to Anglin. A small setback like this is not enough to keep either of them down though and the comment sections are already back up and running again.

The main news story being covered by both sites is the Cologne sex attacks carried out by a thousand-strong gang of desert monkeys against the very people who welcomed them into their country just three months before, donating them food, shelter and clothing while clapping and cheering as they entered. Lee points out the various ways that non-White culture is opposed to ours and Longshanks demonstrates that the police clearly had foreknowledge that the attacks would take place, but did nothing to stop them. They were more than capable of finding enough police to mount an attack with water cannon against those who disagreed with allowing Moslems to molest White women though, as was shown when Pegida tried to demonstrate at the weekend.

Both hosts then analyse the power that the media has to influence public opinion. If it was not for social media, this horrific attack on our people would still not be known about. It is only because we now have direct access to the public ourselves through the internet that the victims were able to get their stories out and break through the wall of silence. This is why our enemies are so keen to silence sites like InfoStormer and the Daily Stormer, because they know that Rogers and Anglin are reporting the truth and the truth is the best propaganda that there is.

Co-hosted by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: Truth Propaganda

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