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Traditionalist Youth Hour: Fascism Strikes Back!

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Traditionalist Worker Party Candidate Tony Hovater joins Matthew Heimbach to present this week’s Trad Youth Hour.

Donald Trump’s first ad is in the news and the two hosts give a rundown of the candidates for the presidency.

Jeb Bush and his oompalumpa wife are appealing to nobody with their recipes for guacomole and Trump is clearly the front-runner to win.

Just who is Jeb Bush trying to impress? Did he think his name would be enough and he didn’t have to appeal to anyone?

Instead of speaking to the Republican base, he decided it was time to put his sombrero on and start begging the country next door to vote for him.

Bernie Sanders is still popping up everywhere being over-run by Negresses on his own podium and Lyndsey Graham is clearly homosexual, have Americans forgotten what a real leader is?

Anyone would be better than the current voodoo-king incumbent with his crocodile tears and hypocrisy over gun laws.

Americans seem to have forgotten he was selling weapons to the Mexican drugs gangs not that long ago, to help them in their quest to shoot White people.

The Democratic party are full of corruption and Hillary is hated by everyone.

It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the alt-Right and the traditional conservatives, with even the natural food-stuff vendors starting to echo the pro-White message.

The time is perfect for a new White Nationalist Party and that party is The Traditionalist Worker Party.

2016 is the year that Fascism strikes back.

Hosted by Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater

Traditionalist Youth Hour: Fascism Strikes Back

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