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Truth Will Out Radio: Janner and the Jew Child-Abusers


Dennis Wise returns to Radio Aryan to discuss his week’s research for Communism by the Back Door with Sven Longshanks.

This week he has been looking at the child abuse that is associated with the British establishment. Just this very day it has been in the news again, with the case against Greville Janner being dropped after his recent death. Janner called for National Socialists to be hunted down no matter what age they were or how close to death, yet because he was too old and supposedly senile, he himself was not tried for child abuse, despite ‘overwhelming’ evidence against him.

As well as being an MP Janner was also Head of the British Board of Jews and the Jewish ‘holy’ book the Talmud, explicitly permits peadophilia in at least four places. No surprise then to find that Jimmy Saville was a big admirer of the Jews, who even went to Jewland to address the parliament there. Saville was also big pals with the British monarchy and as such, would have been vetted and followed about by the intelligence services to make sure that he would not embarrass them. The same is done for anyone who works for the BBC, so Saville would have been closely scrutinised by them twice. They must have known about his child abusing ways and kept quiet about it so as not to ‘rock the boat’ exactly the same as was done for Janner.
The original child kidnappers and abusers were the Jews, who have been thrown out of countless countries in Europe for these activities. Since they infiltrated and took over the Freemasons, both groups have worked together to prevent establishment high-fliers like Saville and Janner ever being tried for their crimes. Dennis highlights the fact that Hitler did away with the Masonic Temples as well as the Jews, banning both from operating in Free Europe.

This leads on to some questions from the chatroom to do with Dennis’ Hitler doumentary and finally the podcast ends with some talk about the way the media manipulate people’s emotions with pictures of children. From ISIS child soldiers and dead babies on beaches to starving kids in Syria, there is no depths that the Jewish media will not sink to, in order to deceive the people.

Hosted by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Janner and the Jew Child-Abusers


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