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Truth Will Out Radio: Running With The Pack


Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for another edition of Truth Will Out Radio.

This week has seen the release of Communism by the Back Door Part 13 and Dennis has recieved some unexpected criticism from people who really should know better. The chapter starts by showing the abuse of German women and children by Moslems and because of this, he has been accused of sucking up to the Zionists! You expect to be called Islamophobic by our enemies, but not by those who claim to be on the same side. You cannot compare one platoon of Moslem soldiers fighting alongside the National Socialist army against communism, with a million Moslem barbarians descending upon Germany like a swarm of locusts and devouring everything in their path.

The video is in two parts, with the first concentrating on the violent intimidation of White people by foreigners and the way that the media covers this up. We have seen this happen in particular this week, with the media hiding the identity of a thousand sex-crazed African savages who tried to gang rape all the women in Cologne city centre. Control of the media is just one of a list of ways that Dennis has compiled for this chapter, detailing how the new crypto-soviet empire has taken control of Europe.

The EU started out as a trade agreement but was soon revealed as being a means for taking away the sovereignty of Europe’s nations and ensuring that her borders were all removed. The same has been done to America through NAFTA, which leaves the door open for all of Canada and South America to eventually walk through. This technique of adding to already existing legislation in order to alter previous matters of national sovereignty has also just been carried out by Obama, who by changing the gun laws leaves it possible for further changes to be made once he leaves office.

Basically any State that is based upon nationalism and caring for its people, will be taken down by ZOG in order to install the New World Order. This is because a united nation is impregnable, in the same way that a herd of animals running alongside each other is impregnable to the predator. We may be encouraged to mock North Korea for all marching in lines for the camera, but this is the natural default position for all of nature, from schools of fish to flocks of birds. It is time we started to act together as well, because unity among us is the only chance we have of defeating the predator.

Hosted by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Running With The Pack


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