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Wolfpack: Christians, Heathens and Unity

Oración a San Miguel Arcángel
I was invited by Dion Wehrwolf to co-host his Saturday night show over at Radio Wehrwolf last weekend.

We started off talking about unity in the White Nationalist movement and how unproductive it is to criticise different factions of it. If you are putting your race first, then people should be supported and not criticised.

The example of Joshua Bonehill was brought up, who has been jailed for 3 years and 4 months for a happy merchant meme on Twitter. Bonehill was a bit of a media prankster and not everyone could see the logic behind his actions. He had also done some daft things in his youth and a few people have been trying to dissuade others from supporting his cause because of this. None of that should matter though, as it bears no relevance to the fact that a young man has been jailed for the equivalent of a Homer Simpson style caricature of a Jew.

We then talked about Judaeo-Christians and hippy-pagans and the best ways to reach them and racialise them. This led to a discussion on Dion’s reasons for being a Heathen and mine for being a Christian.

The last hour mainly gives an explanation of how Christian Identity doctrines can be used to wake Judaeo-Christians up to the truth about the Jews and race-mixing. Also how all the oldest White scriptures including the Vedas, the Bhagavad Ghita and the Bible talk about how the White race is separate to all the others in being especially blessed by God.

Miguel Serrano did a lot of research into this and showed how the other races were mongrel creatures, produced by Aryans miscegenating with aborigines. This is also hinted at by the half-human half-animal gods of Egypt, Greece and India.

Serrano ended up thinking Christ must have been Lucifer though and reasons for why that could not be so are given, along with an explanation of the role that Satan plays in our world and why the Jews behave the way that they do.

Questions about whether Saul of Tarsus was working for King Herod and what the correct Biblical view of Islam should be were answered, as well as an explanation given of why it is incorrect to think that today’s Jews were the Israelites of the Bible.

The Kali Yuga was also described and a theory put forward that if mankind has gradually become more and more corrupted, then the old gods would have been subverted too. In the same way that the establishment church teaching has now become perverted 2,000 years after it’s beginning, the old religions would also have become changed beyond all recognition. It is a struggle to get to the original doctrines of today’s living religion of Christianity, let alone the dead religions of old, that surely went through the same process of being subverted by the proto-Jews.

In the end it boils down to a fight between good and evil, pure and impure and if we are still White and we are still here, then that shows we have resisted the impurity and the darkness all this time since the beginning. Our ancestors were the elite who did not fall to miscegenation and that knowledge is what helps to give us the faith and the strength that we need to continue our battle, a battle which the Bible tells us White people are guaranteed to win.

Hosted by Dion Wehrwolf and Sven Longshanks

Wolfpack: Christians, Heathens and Unity

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