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Aryan Insights: Alex Davies from National Action

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Alex Davies and National Action
National Action are now banned in Britain and this was recorded and published before the group of activists were disbanded in December 2016.

Alex Davies, one of the founder members of National Action is our guest this week on Aryan Insights.

Fresh from speaking at the London Forum Alex talks about the meteoric rise of National Action and how they have become Britain’s premier group of youth activists. NA have been about excellence right from the very start, ensuring that all members meet stringent requirements for dedication and ability. This can be seen in the slick propaganda that the group produces and the fear that they have instilled in the establishment. The reaction to NA’s announcement that they would be marching in Liverpool is a measure of just how scared our enemies really are of them. Thousands of Antifa clowns were offered a free day out paid for by the government through it’s proxy ‘Unite Against Fascism’ in the hopes of deceiving NA into thinking that Liverpool was lost to the British.

But NA exposed these lies about Liverpool being an anti-fascist city by going back there and marching, this time in a flash demo with no warning. Far from being chased away, the people there were supportive and wanted to know how they could join. The same happened recently in Newcastle, where the public can be heard cheering and shouting about how awesome the group’s demonstration was.

Alex talks about the importance of making good propaganda and how each of their videos has been made with this in mind. They started off with a few stunts like putting a banana on a Mandela statue and storming a few universities and this soon advanced to turning a whole park into an art display, by draping a swastika flag over a menorrah and painting Banksy style grafs around it. They have even been associated with some of the best RAC to be heard in a long time, when NA musician Ghost dedicated an entire EP to his comrades. Each public release has improved on the last and by 2015 they were established enough to be able to hold their first conference. Unlike most nationalist conferences the speakers there were all NA activists themselves, with the exception of two guest speakers who were also excluded from the video on age grounds.

Alex explains the ethos behind National Action and what drives him and the others to do what they do. He also addresses criticisms that have been made against them, such as their support for the Ukraine revolution and their use of imagery that some may find offensive. The propaganda of the deed is what NA is all about and Alex explains what he means by this and how each member of NA is expected to show their own initiative. We are not going to get anywhere just sat behind keyboards and NA provide the opportunity and the resources for those who want to do something about our situation, to actually get together with others and really achieve something.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Alex Davies

Aryan Insights: Alex Davies from National Action - AI 020216


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