Aryan Narrations: Alfred the Great and Our Common Law

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In this essay Dr. FN Lee takes a look at some of the amazing achievements of Alfred the Great, King of the Saxons, with an emphasis on him being a law-maker for his people.

In Part One, he gives an outline of Alfred’s life, how he was made king by default at the worst possible time, in the midst of savage viking wars that had managed to strip two thirds of England from all it’s wealth and had plunged the country into an uncivilised dark age. After falling to his lowest ebb and having to retreat into the marshes, Alfred suddenly gets a new burst of life and rallies his troops, beating back the Vikings and even converting some of them to Christianity. He develops the first British navy and puts a system in place so that he always has an active army ready to defend the country if the Danish invaders return.

Once the land is relatively peaceful, he starts rebuilding the shire defences and invites scholars from all over Europe to teach at his new schools. He starts translating classical Latin works into the Saxon vernacular and insists that all his nobles learn how to read. He insists upon sitting in on the law courts and becomes the champion of the poor, refusing to allow any corruption anywhere. Eventually he starts collecting all the laws made by his predecessors and adds them to the laws of the Celts, to come up with his own Law Code, which you can hear selections from in Part Two.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from a lecture given by Dr FN Lee in August 2000

Aryan Narrations: King Alfred The Great And Our Common Law I

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Aryan Narrations: King Alfred The Great And Our Common Law II

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