Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day I


Grandpa Lampshade moves from Twitter to Radio Aryan to grace us with his thoughts for the day on various subjects of importance, starting with the presidential race.

Just a few months ago us we were told it was going to be a Bush or Hillary election, but not for any longer.

Grandpa does not believe the Democrats really want Hillary at all and they are showing this by voting for an old man.

They have not even had to go after Trump either, his own Republicans have done that for them.

But what real man is going to vote for the old witch, when she is the archetype of every man’s shrieking ex-wife?

The voters can see right through this charade and the more the cuckservatives attack Trump, the more support he gets.

People can see the truth in what he says, especially when he highlights what is happening in Europe.

“Who would have thought, all you had to do to conquer the White homelands was send in an army with no weapons?

Just get them to claim they are children regardless of their beards and it’s guaranteed to work.

Once they are inside the gates, we can always threaten to send more, if they dont pay us”

This is what we are standing against and we seem to now have a loose coalition at last.

The Alt-Right is taking everyone in, from the gamers who just want to be left alone, to the Alt-Reich.

It is a broad tent of people that has become the only resistance to the Marxist tyranny.

This loose confederation of shared interests has managed to concentrate all our fire upon our enemies and despite their vast media apparatus, once they have been hit by the truth they quickly wither away.

All they have are ad-hominems and insults in response, many of which have been used so many times that they now mean nothing.

There will be friction between our various groups, but we have to be self disciplined and concentrate only on our enemies on the Left.

Now is not the time for infighting and shooting at each other, it is the time for uniting in the defence of our people and anyone that can be of use to us, should be used by us and this includes Roosh and Trump.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day I

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