Homeland Report: Switzerland

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Our guest today is Mr Smith, a Swiss German who has been on Radio Aryan before, discussing German war heroes.

Switzerland was in the news a year back for having a referendum on immigration. The people voted to put a halt to it, a new law was put into place, yet still the Swiss government have refused to obey the people and are instead calling for another referendum. Twenty five percent of the Swiss people have already been replaced and seventy five percent of the criminals in Swiss prisons are now foreign. This state of affairs cannot go on for much longer without there being visible civil unrest, but there has not been much action yet from nationalist groups.

Like elsewhere in Europe, a program of indoctrination has been put in place to make the Swiss feel guilty for being White. Holohoax indoctrination is taught in schools, despite Switzerland not even being involved in the war. In fact the country has kept out of wars for the last five hundred years, after many Swiss were massacred in a medieval battle. Schmitt explains what led up to this battle and why the Swiss army guard the Vatican to this day.

He also talks about Swiss heroes such as Arnold Von Winkelreid and Willam Tell, pointing out the good example they set for future generations, before explaining the links between the original Swiss Celts and the ancient Britons, as well as the similarity between the Alemanni and the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. 

Switzerland used to be a deeply conservative country, only giving women the vote in the last few decades, yet within a short space of time it has been changed beyond all recognition into a Babylonian flesh-pot. Much of this is down to the movies and television that are shown to the youth, glamourising sodomites and promoting race-mixing. Schmitt gives some examples of these subversive TV programmes and talks about some of the tricks the ‘asylum seekers’ play, in order to not get deported.

Finally our Swiss patriot talks about his hopes for how this can all be turned around.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and a Swiss Nationalist

Homeland Report: Switzerland

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