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Radio Free Northwest: Big Heart Small Head

Ammon Bundy
Harold finally gives us his commentary and analysis of the recent events in Harney County. Dozens of White lives have been ruined by this, yet not one drop of blood has been spilled from the enemy. If people are to be given 50  year sentences for direct action that harms no-one, then what is to prevent them from really harming someone? All they would get is another 10 years on that 50 year sentence.

The big heart with a small head is the best analogy for this. It has not been a total failure, two people sacrificed their lives for freedom even if they did not achieve it, but at least they showed allegiance to a higher principle than themselves.

They made a grand gesture, one for which they will suffer. It was not worth it, but at least they did it.
Do not point guns at people if you are not willing to fire them and you dont want to die.

The Trucker calls in from Arkensaw and encourages listeners to check out the back-catalogue of Radio Free Northwest, which they can also hear daily on Radio Aryan at 12.30 and 6.30 eastern time . He also talks about the effects of the wars for Israel on the price of oil.

This week Gretchen reviews At Hitler’s Side, the war diary by Luftwaffe Adjutant Nicolaus von Below.

Much of the diary is concerned with the advances made in German fighting power and goes into a lot of detail about the innovations made in weaponry. The book also talks about Operation Sea Lion, which would have been the invasion of Britain, but crossing the channel was not that easy back then and bombing runs were carried out instead. Kamikazi raids were also suggested, but Hitler would not countenance this. If the war had gone on just that little bit longer, the advances in aviation may have changed the whole outcome of the situation.

Gretchen enjoyed the book and recommends it, especially if you have an interest in aviation history.

Andy Donner turns into a White Nationalist robot for the episode and talks about the first White Nationalist he ever met, who was wary of him because he thought he was ‘too good to be true’.

Finally Harold returns to finish off his analysis of the Harney County debacle, but before that explains why the email list is now kept private.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Big Heart Small Head

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