Radio Free Northwest: ‘An Inherently Criminal and Violent Audience’

Bill White - Jailed for words.
Harold starts off by giving us an update on the Harney County siege and how even the alternative media are pretending there is nothing happening there. Accurate information is very thin on the ground and most news reports cannot be trusted as they constantly conflict with the eye-witness testimony. This may be due to the precedent set in the Bill White case, which has certainly been affecting the way Harold has been presenting his thoughts on the situation.

The White case was a horrifying abuse of the law, an American has actually been sent to prison for life, for nothing but words on the internet. Not one physical act was involved, other than trying to flee the country when he discovered the FBI were after him. The First Amendment means people should only ever be prosecuted for actual criminal acts, never just for words.

The trial established a new legal principle, that of the ‘inherently criminal and violent audience’. This means that when speaking to an audience the regime doesn't like, you no longer have the protection of the first amendment and can be prosecuted on the basis of imagined crimes, that may follow on from some imaginary unstable individual hearing you.

Harold believes this precedent will influence his final analysis of the Harney County events, which is exactly what the Bill of Rights was intended to prevent. The suppression of an alternative viewpoint that does not support the government narrative. Because of this, much of his analysis will have to be read between the lines.

Andy Donner asked a while back what more the NWF could do to encourage people to move there and a listener has recorded some audio in response to this. Andy answers his points, but the listener has not really answered the question, although his suggestion that people need to infiltrate the Republican and Democrat parties in order to gain some influence is good.

Gretchen reviews Wasting the Dawn, the third in Billy Roper’s trilogy of apocalyptic nationalist fiction. The writer is an Identity Christian and appears to be very well informed on the international scene, taking it into account and writing about it extensively. He neglects no part of the White world in his story, even Orania in South Africa, but Gretchen did not find herself becoming as immersed in the characters as she has with Harold’s books.

Finally we get some more from Harold’s Aryan Insights interview.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: ‘An Inherently Criminal and Violent Audience’

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