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Radio Free Northwest: The Murder of Lavoy Finnicum and More

Lavoy Finnicum RIP
Harold talks about the murder of Lavoy Finnicum spokesman for the Harney County militia, who was killed by the FBI in Oregon forest.

He uses this incident to point out the many crimes of both Obama and Hillary Clinton and how nobody has yet stood up to either of them. Killing innocent and unarmed Americans is now legal thanks to the African dictator, yet the only people complaining about it are the Blacks, who think it is only them that get shot by the regime.

After this Harold explains exactly what the Northwest Front is and why conservatives need to be joining them. Deep down most conservatives feel the same way we do, it is just that they are too scared to actually say so. There is no point in a White American becoming a conservative anyway, because there is nothing left to conserve, everything has been destroyed. Everything except our race that is. The only thing that can be conserved now is our race and the only way to do that is through White Nationalism.

Andy Donner then talks about the state of the White Nationalist movement and how it should be viewed. Does it have a plan and does it have anyone carrying out that plan? The only man with a plan is Harold and the Northwest Front are the only people carrying out that plan, but how does the White Nationalist movement treat this plan? Do they all get behind it and support it, or do they pretend it doesn’t exist?

Finally Harold reads one of his most well known articles about Adolf Hitler – Dreaming The Iron Dream.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Murder of Lavoy Finnicum and More


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The Northwest Front



    Please review the FBI video!!!!
    The reason?
    It would appear that the officer who approached from the woods did NOT shoot LaVoy Finicum!!!! He TASERED him!!!!!!

    The officer used the taser in his left hand. That's why it looks funny!
    The officer then withdrew and pulled his gun from its holster with his right hand and then backed out of the line of fire! As he did so he appears to drop the taser in the snow!

    This means.. LaVoy Finicum was SHOT AFTER BEING TASERED while he lay helpless on the ground and that the FBI had "control" of the situation making it unnecessary to fire any bullets whatsoever!

    This implies...
    1) that Mr. Finicum was murdered!
    2) that FBI special agent Bretzling has deliberately mislead the public with his description of events in order to cover up the murder as he would be aware that Mr. Finicum was tasered.

    This analysis comes from Dan Dicks of

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