Radio Free Northwest: Something Has Come Up

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Professor Kevin MacDonald 
Harold is under the weather this week but has still managed to pull together a podcast for us out of various clips, despite ‘something coming up called lung-burn’.

Due to this, there is no final Harney County evaluation, but we do have something from the Trucker, who reminds us of how lucky Americans are to still have legal fire-arms. He also talks about the importance of donating and coming to the North West for a scouting trip, with a view to moving there.

Aristotle from Canada speaks about a video from Ramzpaul, where a German girl talks about the fear that the filthy hordes have brought to Germany. This girl has overcome the oppression to speak up about what is bothering her and so should we. We need more young people like this who are prepared to speak up, but Aristotle’s idea sounds too expensive to be practical.

Prof Kevin MacDonald speaks about ‘The Culture of Critique’ for the first time, even though the book was published in 1998. He talks about his planned strategy for the book, how he had to find all the intellectual movements that were dominated by Jews and then locate overwhelming documentation to prove that. The Jews involved had to be strongly identified as Jews and they had to be shown to be using the movements to advance specifically Jewish interests. He then had to show how influential these movements were, because the amount of Jews involved in them would depend on how influential they thought the movement would be. They also had non-Jews in them, often being used as spokesmen for the Jews, as a way to hide the extent of their involvement. MacDonald gives lots of examples to prove his points and shows how Jews were the essential movers behind all the modern intellectual movements that attack White civilisation.

Finally there is the last part of the interview with Harold Covington for Aryan Insights.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Something Has Come Up

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