The Stormer Report: Jobs to Mexico and Electricity to the Congo

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Lee Rogers from InfoStormer.com drops by to discuss some of the main news stories from the Daily Stormer with Sven Longshanks.

Donald Trump is never far from the front page and rightfully so, he has done more to help our people by making it acceptable to talk about banning Moslems, than all the people running him down have done put together. It is not just in America that he has changed the narrative, but in Europe as well. Thanks to Trump it has been in the headlines that we have Moslem only no-go areas for Whites in both Britain and France, yet without him this would still only be known to nationalists. Lee talks about his experience at the New Hampshire polls and explains why Trump has the full backing of himself and Andrew Anglin.

The most recent televised debate set Trump up with a weighted audience, yet still he came out on top, highlighting how Obongo has transferred thousands of air-conditioning jobs from America  to Mexico. In the same week, the puppet-president also made a new law, pledging to give $7 Billion of the White man’s money to Africa, so that they can build more power stations. He calls this an ‘investment’ yet an investment is supposed to bring some kind of benefit for the people investing in the project. What possible kind of benefit are the American people going to get from the Congo having a new power station?

Trump has also claimed that the Moslem invasion will be ‘the end of Europe’ if it is not stopped. There are already street patrols being formed to protect the indigenous White folk from these savage hordes, if the authorities continue to ignore the people’s calls for an end to the invasion, the only logical next step is all-out war. This could be avoided though if Trump gets elected. He has already said that he would work with Putin instead of against him to destroy ISIS and it is only a short step from that to joining with Putin to protect the West from all Moslems. Putin has also warned about the threat to Europe from immigration and there is a chance albeit small, that we could see an end to the invasion through an alliance between the pair of them.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: Jobs to Mexico and Electricity to the Congo

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