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The Stormer Report: White-World Resistance to The Hostile Alien Hordes

The new leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn, actually married the creature seen here encouraging the genocide of the White race.
Lee Rogers from Info Stormer joins Sven Longshanks for this week’s Stormer Report.

There are positive signs of resistance all over Europe at the moment and this episode concentrates on three demonstrations in Britain, by National Action, Britain First and a multi-group demo in Dover. The NA one was a flash demo and got the most support from the public, with no counter-protest at all from the antifa. However the one at Dover saw busloads of gullible half-wits shipped in under the guidance of obese Black Labour MP Diane Abbot expressly to cause trouble for patriots. These leftist-thugs succeeded in turning a peaceful demo into a near riot, so desperate were they to support the government in the form of their loud mouthed anti-White MP.

The Britain First demo also saw trouble and highlighted the bad attitude of the Moslem guests in Britain, who shouted that the UK was their country now and tried to prevent the British Christians from walking through the town.

All three protests were lied about in the mainstream press, with the Guardian claiming that only five dozen showed up at Dover and the Mail trying to excuse the Moslem’s behaviour in Luton. However the cheers for National Action from the bystanders in Newcastle and the support for nationalists in the comment sections proves that the public is on our side and not theirs.

Also this week Gert Wilders surged ahead in the polls, gaining almost twice as much support as the ruling coalition in the Netherlands. Wilders has also set up a cross-party think tank which now stands to receive 3 million euros a year from the EU. This group has put forward 5 principles that each member party has agreed upon, the shutting of borders, a stop to all Moslem immigration, return of sovereignty and a stop to all islamisation of Europe. Despite not naming the Jew, this approach has proved to be successful in both France and America in gaining support for the anti-immigration agenda.

In the last part of the podcast Rogers gives his thoughts on the support that Trump can expect to receive in the Iowa Caucus and explains how the Jews have overplayed their hand in their criticism of him. The more they criticise him the more support he gets and still he refuses to back down or apologise, for being approved of by us.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: White-World Resistance to The Hostile Alien Hordes


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1 comment:

  1. Good program, gentlemen. To the well-fed cultural-marxist silverback with the microphone in above photo I say:

    "Anti-racism" is anti-White. Fascism is pro-White. Multiculturalism is a poison and bad for Whites. We fight it and "anti-racism" with all our might.

    One more thing, here's a banana for you. Now shut the hell up!