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Truth Will Out Radio: Usury is Slavery


Dennis Wise, Messerschmitt and Sven Longshanks host Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at usury and Michael Wittman, Panzer commander.

Schmitt gives the second part of his presentation on Wittman and we learn of his astounding record in the face of incredible odds. In the battle of Kursk featured in Dennis Wise’s doumentary, he managed to destroy 30 tanks and 38 anti-tank machine guns of the enemy.  He also managed to take out the first tank in a line, causing all the others to pile into it while he picked them off one by one.

Dennis explains how Wittman was held up as the archetypal Nordic warrior, blonde haired and blue eyed with deep-seated morals alongside his courage. The German army were encouraged to emulate him and were given lessons in etiquette, with the SS even donning suits and cleaning up first before liberating an area, so as to make the best possible impression. They really were the last of the crusading knights, reborn again from the age of chivalry.

The second half of the podcast deals entirely with Part 16 of Communism by the Back Door and it’s subject matter of usury.

Communism and Capitalism are both based upon making money through compound interest. This has always led to people falling into debt and then the money-mongers taking their goods from them. In the days of old, this would lead to the debtors becoming slaves, but today it is their houses that they lose. Although debts are a civil matter, the police are now being used as bailiffs, evicting people from their homes. They get away with this because we are living under Talmudic law and not our Christian Common Law.

When times were short in the past, the rich were expected to give charity to the poor, but when the economy is crashed today by the Jews, we are encouraged to borrow money with interest on top to pay the rich. They did this recently through the introduction of Pay-Day loans the same year of the financial crash. Dennis highlights how they also did this with the introduction of credit cards, during the Labour Slump of the seventies. Instead of the nation coming together to help one another as they did in NS Germany, the nation gets torn apart with envy of the rich and Class War – exactly what the Marxists want so they can bring in their New World Order.

Hosted by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise, with guest caller Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Usury is Slavery


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