Aryan Insights: Richard Edmonds–Why We Need White Nationalism II

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Aryan Insights welcomes back Richard Edmonds for more on why we need White Nationalism. This time Richard uses the example of Germany to show what awaits the rest of Europe, if we dont start resisting soon. Our enemies have tried to wipe Germany out with two world wars and now they are trying again, but with help from traitors on the inside this time.

The invasion of Germany has to be looked at as a continuation of the inhumane treatment meted out to Germany since the last war. The intensive de-nazification and programming with guilt over a fake holocausting of the Jews has stripped Germany of her will to live. If anyone dares to criticise Merkel’s insane race-replacement policies, the gassing of the six million is brought up. This is used as a stick to beat them with and to a lesser extent any other White man that dares to advocate for our people. It is central to the whole New World Order to portray the Jews as victims, yet there is not a shred of real evidence to prove even one gassing.

The worst event ever in history used to be the Jews crucifying Christ, yet in our modern Judaised world, the worst event ever was the ghastly horror of six million innocent Jews being gassed to death by a nation of White Christians. Reality has been turned upon it’s head and Richard highlights this when he recounts an incident involving Lady Michelle Renouf, when a group of well-wishers were awaiting the arrival of Bishop Williamson at the height of his persecution for denial of this Jewish fable.

If we are to defend ourselves against our enemies, then we have to break down the malicious lies of the holohoax and clear our people’s name. If we don’t and we allow them to get away with it, then the lies and exaggerations will just get worse. Those people who attack us sincerely believe that the Germans tried to genocide an entire people just for having a different religion, but how would these people feel if they were to discover the whole thing is just a concoction of wicked falsehoods?

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Special Guest Richard Edmonds

Aryan Insights: Richard Edmonds – Why We Need White Nationalism II

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