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Aryan Narrations: The Uprising by Colin Jordan Part 1



This book is purely fictional. The views expressed are the imaginary ones of an imaginary British Freedom Force, depicted within it. As such they are not a personal incitement by the author to 'racial hatred' or to violence. The blame for the development of any such hatred or violence lies with the present regime in power in Britain, which has the capacity and shows the proclivity to turn the fiction of this book into fact, by its characteristic and habitual misgovernment in betrayal of the wishes and interests of the indigenous folk it pretends to represent. By continuing to damage and destroy our national and racial heritage, by depriving us of our freedom to oppose and stop this without violent struggle, this regime can and may make the story of this book come true, changing fiction into fact, bringing about an uprising by a force of fighters for British freedom, survival and revival. Whether this present regime of ruin, responsive to an outcry from its predatory manipulators behind the scenes, now moves to ban this book by prosecution and persecution of its author, may provide some indication of the certainty and speed with which it is set to provoke a resistance movement and a rebellion.


Since the above Preface was written in 1998 with a view to the book’s publication later that year, the forces of suppression of the regime of ruin did move to ban the book. In August that year the 'Special Branch', being Britain's Thought Police, raided the author's home yet again and seized the rough draft of The Uprising. Subsequently they scheduled it as an exhibit for an impending prosecution which, over three years later, was only halted conditionally and indefinitely because of the author's disabling heart condition in his old age, making him (in the reports of three heart specialists) unfit for trial. The rough draft was with difficulty and long delay regained from the Crown Prosecution Service, allowing this book to appear at long last. As some precaution and possible protection against Thought Police persecution of the author and seizure and burning of the book as banned, it is being printed, published and distributed in the United States of America, outside the jurisdiction of British courts, and where some relevant freedom still remains so far. The Uprising, in respect of its production and marketing, has thus been driven into exile and become an asylum seeker, such is the state of affairs in Britain today.

Colin Jordan Oct 2003

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from The Uprising by Colin Jordan

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