Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day–Where We Come From

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Grandpa Lampshade shares a bit of his own personal story on the journey to where he is today, illustrating how the small things we do can make a difference and bring people around to our way of thinking, helping them to understand the truths of this world. When we are young the ZOG schools systematically brainwash our natural God given racial pride out of us and in it’s place, program us to accept their lies as the truth. A special hat tip to The Greatest Story Never Told as well as to The Daily Stormer for helping folks with this.

From this perspective we then discuss who can be reached and who you are just wasting your time, facts and effort on. When do you dial it up and when do you dial it down? Don't worry, you won't get a condescending lecture about what you should be doing, just one Pepe's perspective offered as helpful advice.

Wrapping up the show we hit on the thin skinned nature of these Jews and Ben Shapiro's hilarious melt down over Twitter posts. Remember our old friend Luciana Berger? She's still around and an old Grandpa Tweet about the #filthyjewbitch got him temporarily Shoahed. Yes, they know we know and make no mistake, they will do all they can to....shut it down.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Thoughts of the Day: Where We Come From

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