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Jurgis – Lessons From Lithuania’s History


Lithuanian Nationalist Jurgis talks about his country’s experience of being a multicultural empire for 300 years before getting a brief taste of freedom, only to then be invaded and occupied by Stalin.

At one time Lithuania had Armenians, Tartars, Russians, Slavs Poles, Jews and others living among them and their capital city was only 2% Lithuanian, but they succeeded in freeing their country from the foreigners and Vilnius is now 65% Native. Jurgis explains how this was achieved and along the way details how the Russian empire was created and how the Russian identity was formed. He also talks about how the Russians followed along behind the Red Army near the end of World War Two, scavenging and stealing away everything that Stalin’s soldiers left in their wake.

Lithuania was the last country to become Christianised and had a Pagan State right up until 500 years ago. Because of this the Teutonic knights were keen to conquer them, but they failed in every attempt due to their lack of knowledge about the terrain. Jurgis recounts some of the more famous battles that they had with them and explains the real reason for Lithuania accepting baptism.

He also explains the link that Lithuania has with the Ukraine and how the non-Christian Lithuanians were asked to defend the Christian Ukrainians from the Monghol hordes. He sees the reason for his people’s technological superiority as being down to them not rejecting the material world to the extent that the Eastern Church had.

The early Lithuanian beliefs had much in common with the Finns and can be traced back to the Indo-Aryans. They still have the same fire altars that are found in Persia today, proving that the original inhabitants of Persia and India were White like us, yet they also have similar deities to the old Norse ones, but with different names for them closer to the Finnish ones. Like the Welsh folklore these stories were passed down the generations in oral form and there is much variety in them still, with different areas having over half a dozen different creation myths. Jurgis repeats one of their folk tales about burial rites and explains the message that it is trying to convey.

Although Lithuanians can understand White Nationalism in America, due to the problems they have had with other White nations living among them they reject the idea of having a Multi-National White State today like America, Russia or even Britain used to be. Other nations or tribes would move in among them and then build their own colonies there, speaking their own language and trying to take over. They have had not just had this problem with Jews, but with all the nations that have tried settling there and are still now trying to get over the problems caused by it.

This was recorded in a hotel lobby so is not the best audio quality, but the subject matter is fascinating.

Sven Longshanks interviews Jurgis, a Lithuanian Nationalist

Jurgis – Lesson’s From Lithuania’s History


Jurgis will be interviewed again for a Homeland Report soon.

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