Radio Aryan Roundtable: Printer Pogrom in the Heart of the Beast


Sven Longshanks, Grandpa Lampshade and Juhani Keranen convene again to discuss the White resistance around the world.

Last week we were attacked once again by Moslems, killing 31 people and injuring 300 with their suicide bombs in Brussels airport and Central train station. This now gives us a total of 200 people massacred by them in terrorist attacks on European soil just in the last year, on top of all the other rapes, murders, muggings and mutilations that follow these unwanted beggars around. Predictably the authorities claimed ‘solidarity’ with the enemy and immediately started clamping down on anyone pointing out the obvious, that these attacks seem to only take place in countries that have welcomed Moslems into them. A British man was arrested for asking a Moslem wench what makes her people behave like this and the Police also tried to silence a Dutchman who tweeted that brown school children had been cheering the attacks, but despite this there has still been a massive surge in support for nationalist groups.

Sunday was supposed to see a ‘March Against Fear’ in Brussels, but the organisers pulled out due to fear of the Moslems (it used to be ‘fear of the Jews’). Instead, a group calling themselves ‘Unity in Faith’ hijacked the city centre and tried to promote a Satanic message that all religions were the same. Nationalists arrived to point out how illogical this was and had barely started their chants against Islamic terrorism,  before they were attacked by the police with water cannons. The always impartial BBC were on hand to provide live coverage and immediately started slandering the group, claiming they were called ‘Fascists Against Terrorism’ despite the huge banner behind the reporter with ‘Casuals Against Terrorism’ emblazoned upon it. The small group of around 40 to 100 people were able to take the BBC live feed over completely for an hour, proving that even a small sign of resistance like this is so shocking to the regime, that they cannot resist giving it maximum publicity.

More maximum publicity with minimum personnel was exemplified in Weev’s printer pogrom, which has to be the funniest piece of activism yet, spearing the beast right where it matters the most, in the heart of the system, the universities. This came in the same week that Microsoft had to pull it’s new AI Twitterbot Tay, as it turned full nazi in just 24 hours. This is incredibly inspiring, as the bot learned from other Twitter users what were the most popular things to say. This means that National Socialism, support for Trump and calling for Jews to be expelled are the most popular subjects among the age group that are most likely to be using Twitter.

While the Moslems were blowing things up in Brussels, the Red Cross in Finland were holding their yearly ‘Against Racism Week’ complete with TV adverts featuring a sulky 10-year-old Negro boy weeping about how terrible it is to hear mean words from White people. The Nordic Resistance responded to this with their own ‘Against White Genocide Week’ and mounted a successful ‘Finnish Aid’ campaign to feed the starving Finns. People in supermarkets were asked if they wanted to donate food for their racial brothers who were in need of it and the charity drive was met with welcome and gratitude.

Grandpa Lampshade has been checking out what the media has had to say about refugees this week and of course, they are more worried about a backlash against the flood of terrorists pouring in to Europe and America than they are about the threat these invaders pose to us. Pointing out that the head of the UN department responsible for refugee policy is not even a European, Lampshade also highlights some of the terrible hardships the refugees fear may happen as a result of the mass-killings, which they just happened to be watching at the time with their free internet, on their top-of-the-range cell phones and tablets.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Juhani Keranen and Grandpa Lampshade

Radio Aryan Roundtable: Printer Pogrom in the Heart of the Beast

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