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Radio Free Northwest: Back to Basics

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Harold goes back to basics and explains exactly what the Northwest Front is all about. Creating a sovereign state exclusively for White people in the Pacific Northwest. There is an ongoing conspiracy to ensure that the White race goes extinct and we must prevent this from happening. The races of mankind must be seperated to ensure our salvation and the only way to do this is to set aside a completely separate space, intended only for White people. Instead of taking the steps to make this happen, we have been engaged in sitting around and talking about things on the internet. The Northwest Front is a chance to actually do something pro-active about the problem, so why are there not more people involved?

Gretchen reviews Michael Walsh’s The Devil’s Pleasure Palace this week, which deals with the Frankfurt School. The author argues that Wagner and National Socialism were really a part of the Left and claims that the Jewish aspect of the School was really just coincidental. He appears to be a pious Catholic and sees everything as a fall from Grace, with humans being vulnerable to Satanic critical theory because we have free will. However Paradise may be lost to Satan, but it is not lost to us.  The book is very outside of the movement narrative, but Gretchen did enjoy reading it.

Harold returns to explain that Donald Trump could prove to be the catalyst for the balloon finally going up and we need to be prepared for this. Once Trump is confirmed as the people’s choice for president, the Jews and the traitors will be trying to kill him. The whole system will be rising up and trying to expel him from it’s midst and his election could well be the beginning of the revolution.

Why is it that people are so apathetic about the North West Imperative, when it is the only plan there is, to save the White race? Why do people not take the first steps to salvation? Harold believes that it is not cowardice, but something more complex. He believes we have been programmed to need a permission slip from our lords and masters before doing anything. We have been taught to obey them much more ubiquitously than by any other tyrannical regime in history. We might complain and grouse about them, but we still will not resist them in any direct way. This is the real reason why the Trump movement has taken off, because Trump has actually given a permission slip for people to follow him. We must seize on this chance The Donald has given us to reach others, get them to break free from the herd and join us, if we wish to survive.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Back To Basics

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