Radio Free Northwest: A Call to the Youth


Harold Covington presents the St Patrick’s day edition of Radio Free Northwest and starts by lamenting the lack of young callers to previous Call-In Shows. Dylann Roof mentioned the Northwest Front in his manifesto last year, which meant that everything NWF suddenly came under a lot of scrutiny from the media. Instead of attracting attention from young White people, it meant more Jews and Negroes watching the site.  If they see anything which can be used against us, they will and most of their criticism is based upon us all being middle-aged or elderly men.

Most young White American men are now either unemployed or vastly under-employed and living in mom’s basement. White girls are now slightly better off with their office jobs and can always get a job working for the Democrats, but they are still just as oppressed by the anti-White regime as the rest of us. We need these young people to speak up for us and help break these stereotypes and it is hoped that some might call in on Thursday night to the Call-In Show.

The Trucker is now in Utah and has some alternative thoughts for us about housing needs. Why not use an RV? This would give you somewhere to stay as well as a vehicle to use. You could always renovate an old school bus and make your own if you are short for cash. There is also an outfit called Arched Cabins.com, who will get a shell out to you and then you finish the rest off. They start at around $5,000 and then you just need somewhere to put it. Shipping containers can also be used for the same purpose.

Gretchen reviews John Muir’s My First Summer in the Sierra, as she was requested to do so. It was written in 1911 and describes the naturalist’s time in the Sierra spent with the shepherds. She also brings up Gentle Conquest by James Reveal, which also describes the plants of the New World. Neither is the usual subject matter of Gretchen’s reviews, but both are well recommended by her.

Harold returns to talk some more about the murder of Lavoy Finnicum and the United States Marshalls Service, who are now being used to arrest people for not paying their outstanding student loans.

Leadership Instruction is the next topic for discussion and the first warning is to remember that you never know exactly who it is you are talking to on the internet. Every week what appears to be professionally paid trolls attempt to infiltrate the NWF with a template letter that always offers to send a donation. They usually also claim to be 1/8 non-White and then ask if they would be welcome in the NWF. What they are trying to do, is to entrap the group into admitting them so that it can then be used to discredit the movement. A similar tactic is to constantly attack Christianity, which is another way to discredit nationalism but in the public’s eyes this time, instead of just among ourselves. It is easy enough to tell if someone is White or not and under no circumstance should anyone with tainted blood be admitted into ethno-nationalism. They have no ethnicity in the first place and can only ever be a threat to the blood purity of genuine White people.

Finally Harold expands on his predictions for future Trump rallies and confirms his impressions with some recent news stories.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: A Call to the Youth

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