Radio Free Northwest: How Not To Do It

A Rising tide of Colour.
Harold is concerned that if he gives a detailed analysis of what happened in Harney County, then he could be putting himself at risk of prosecution due to his ‘inherently violent and criminal audience’. About 17 years ago, he composed an article entitled ‘How Not to Do It’. This article could easily be applied to what happened, so Harold uses it to give his opinion and also as an excuse to talk a bit about guerilla warfare, including ten points to specifically remember.

Gretchen reviews Lothropp Stoddard’s ‘The Rising Tide of Colour’ and starts by giving some historical background to the book and the author’s reasons for fearing the Yellow Peril. He was right about Asians taking over production of household items and he was also right about the danger of Wahabbism, decades before it produced the Islamic terrorists of today. At the time it was written, there was an underlying White unity that is no longer there thanks to the brainwashing of our people and the big fear was Bolshevism, yet the most dangerous threat to our people was the same back then as it is now, immigration of alien peoples into our territories. The book really made Gretchen think about greed and how that is the source of most of our problems.

The Trucker calls in from home this time, but talks about his trip through California and how they lack enough water to sustain themselves without help from other states. This is not due to drought however, but because the area is so overpopulated.

Due to the strain on Harold’s voice, he then plays an old interview from a Mike Harris show where he talks about an interview he did with a mainstream news company in Britain and how no mainstream media coverage will ever be favourable to us.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: How Not To Do It

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