Radio Free Northwest: Laying Hands on the Monkoids


Harold is back and sounding better and its time for an analysis of the Trump/Clinton electoral race. He starts out by pointing out some of the negative sides to Trump and warns people we might well see him in a Yarmulke at some point. The Mexicans are being brought in to replace the Blacks and Trump is doing well at playing these two off against each other, but he will have to make some promises to them at some point in order to get their vote. Apart from that though, the Trump campaign has been pretty good and may well end up becoming a racial turning point. He is demonstrating that it is possible to defy political correctness and the media. He is beating them every day and every day they become weaker because of it. This then becomes encouraging for others.

Trump has held a number of public rallies in the South and at all of them he has been interrupted by BLM monkeys, this has happoened to all the other candidates as well, but Trump’s way of dealing with it has been entirely different. When they start chimping out, he just says to no-one in particular, ‘Get them out of here’ and White people then calmly escort them out. This is fantastic for White people to see as the message is that White people are laying hands on the monkoids and physically removing them from our space. When was the last time the public laid hands on Blacks and forced them to behave themselves?

The Trucker is in the middle of Idaho on his way to Texas and thinks the weather is good for people to make their way to the North West for a scouting trip. The routes that run coast to coast are the best ones to take and he gives some directions on how to get there.

Gretchen reviews Hannah Reitch’s The Sky My Kingdom. Her family allowed her to become a pilot, if she kept from mentioning it until she left school. She originally wanted to be a flying missionary doctor, but still went along with her family’s wishes despite showing talent at gliding. Eventually she moved up to larger craft where she encountered some resistance to being female, but her skill was such that she could not be removed. By the time of the war she had been all over the world studying various forms of flight including helicopters. She wins the Iron Cross second class and gets an audience with Hitler, who is very interested in her research. After a severe injury she wins the Iron Cross first class and by this time was well known by all the top brass and has a big argument with Himmler, about him throwing Christianity away and having nothing to replace it. Eventually she flies the V1 and is one of only a few pilots actually able to fly it. In the very last days of the war she tries using a helicopter to rescue stranded people and also visits the bunker, but her family did not survive. She did however and after being interrogated by the Americans was able to continue flying.

Gretchen found it a valuable and enjoyable book, despite the platitudes added in order to get it published in Germany.

Andy Donner has undertaken a campaign to expose how White Nationalists are opposed to the Butler plan to form a White homeland in the NorthWest and talks about how ideas aired on Radio Free Northwest often get rehashed on other blogs, but with the true purpose of them removed. 

Blair Cottrel from Australia makes a short speech and then Harold gets back to talking about the Trump campaign.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Laying Hands on the Monkoids

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